This is the 4th time I have not received my product shipped on FedEX! I live in a rural area on a gravel road.

The driver leaves under abandoned car in the weather, does not even try to deliver to my home. There is 3 1/2 acres but he never comes to the house. The road says dead end, but that is where my house is. He has gotten stuck because he tried to turn around and high centered his truck.

Tore out the neighbors fence and made deep holes in the road and still did not make the delivery. Have complained every time to customer service. spent hours of cell phone time to get an answer. Just, sorry for your inconveniance mam.

Spent extra for 2 day delivery. It is now day 4 and still not here.

UPS can make it here, why can't FedEX?

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would never ever deliver to a *** like you ..your road is nothing but ruts ***!!!


Fedex employees cannot read period. Isn't reading a criteria for getting a job????

Oh I forgot.

Does FedEx hold up bananas and say, How many???? Hired!

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