Fed Ex never delivered my package on October 21, 2011, but they claimed they did. I purchased some items from a company in California.

The item never arrived to my house and Fed Ex assured everyone it did, essentially calling me a liar. There were four adults all day in the house, the doorbell never rang, there was nothing left outside and I am now at a loss for my money and my merchandize. How great!

I paid them to deliver nothing to my house and now I am stuck with paying the company for something I never received. The items never arrived.

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I am also a victim to the Fed Ex liars. Fed Ex saying that they delivered a box at 11:08am NO THEY DIDN'T. I wont stand for this and have contacted my local news.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico #407817

I'm reading these loss because this happened to me today and FedEx is basically saying its my word against theirs. So I'm out the money I paid, didn't receive my product and am never using FedEx again!


Did same thing to me. Purchased a gift for my niece it never showed, and then on there site stated delivered.

but never recieved it. Next day a person shows up at my house to hand me the gift that was left on her step. fedex never nocked on her door to let her know they where their, she doesn't even use the door they left it at.

I was lucky her son walked around the house and spotted it. the gift was over $100 dollars.

This isn't even stating what they have done before of just dropping packages of an running without knocking on my door either.


I shipped a Christmas gift paid 21.84 and they delivered to some one else.. :eek luckly the lady brought it over to my mother in law. :) Not everyone is so kind :zzz I will not be using Fed Ex service again...

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