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I recently reviewed 3 latest billings from Fed Ex and noticed all 3 of them were changed from what was originally billed when I shipped the packages. All weights were verified by us at the time of shipping; here's what happened.

The first shipment was weight at 1 lb, I pulled the billing and Fed Ex changed it to 3 lbs, increasing the charge by a couple of dollars. Next, this shipment was weight at 5lbs and Fed Ex changed it to 16lbs - DOUBLING my original billing (I severely lost money on this order I shipped) and then the last one I pulled, Fed Ex 2lbs to 9lbs, hence adding on to the charge. I will be going through past billings and I am fairly certain I will be finding a pattern of this fraudulent practice. I trusted Fed Ex...

I gave them a direct billing to my credit card and I am sure I've lost some $ due to their fraulent business practices. DO NOT SHIP WITH FED EX

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Same thing happened to me. Fed ex is flat out steeling from people


Over a year ago Fedex began charging a "secret" surcharge on some shipments called "Dim-weighting". This is not shown on any quotes or spelled out anywhere on the website, even though the computation is extremely simple and Fedex could easily add it to their quote.

They don't show the fee because they don't want to show higher rates. They are deliberately concealing it and not telling anyone. It's deceptive, it's wrong, and it’s not publicly disclosed. I have put together a table showing when this fee is applied, but it's complicated (too complex to put here).

But here is a simple example: there are TWO types of Fedex Large boxes - the rectangular shallow one ("L1") and the "deep" one ("L2"). Both are large white express boxes, and when you do a rate quote (even a detailed rate quote) it does not distinguish between the two. In fact, you can't even input whether it is an L1 or L2 - you can only select "Large Fedex Box." The L2 box gets dim-weighted and the L1 box does not! On certain shipments (again the rules are complex), you will either be charged the rate you were quoted or the dim-weight, whichever is higher.

But you can EASILY calculate the dim-weight yourself. To calculate dim-weight, simply multiply the box dimensions (Length x Width x Height), divide that by 139, and round UP. Now input that as your weight into the quote - regardless of what your actual weight is - and refresh the quote. Essentially, this is the "minimum weight" allowed on shipments subject to dim-weighting.

For example, let's take an Extra-Large Cube Box ("X1"), which always gets dim-weighted by the way. It measures 11.875 x 10.8125 x 11.0625 inches. That comes to 1,420 cubic inches. Now we divide that by 139 and we get 10.21 pounds - but we round up - so it comes to 11 pounds.

That means that if you ship an X1 that actually weighs 5 pounds, you will be charged as if it weighs 11 pounds.

It’s essentially a “minimum weight.” I realize this does not make any sense, but it's true! And of course, Fedex could easily add this to their website so that it shows you the correct rate, but they’ve chosen to be deceptive instead.


I have a small business, and I've found the FedEx charges that show up on my bill are usually 15-20% above the estimate I get when I measure and weight the package and print the label. Multiple calls to FedEx.

The usual answer is "our laser measuring system measures your package, and we get a larger number." Of course the package is long gone, so I can't show them the package. The weight is NEVER disputed, just the dimensions. I finally got so pissed at FedEx that I called UPS. Not only do they give my small business a HUGE discount (in some cases 40% off the "list price"), since I switched to UPS six months ago, 100% of my shipments have been billed at EXACTLY what I expected based on my measurements.

UPS tells me they also use a laser system to verify package dimensions, but I'm still using the same tape measure and scale I used when I shipped FedEx. Seems pretty clear to me FedEx was overcharging.


fedex is the worst at this game Been shipping for decades and they all do it but FEDEX is the worst!! You can file a dispute but good luck My advise is to go with UPS Like I said they all play that game but UPS has been more "honest" than Fedex ever has about the "Quote" they give you!


Shipped a package at our local FedEx store. Package weighed 3.6lbs the manager gave me a total of $78.

He weighed it and took measurements. He told me the price and I agreed to ship. Two days later they charge my card $179. I report them to the BBB because I never authorized the overcharge.

FedEx responds “we charge dimensional weight.” Ok sure...I go to their website, enter exact measurements and weight and the “dimensional weight” is actually 6lbs according to their own website yet they charged me for a 26lb package. Now in all fairness I should say they “made a good faith effort to refund $101” but in actuality they just returned the stolen money. People do not expect to walk into a store get a quote and the flipping manager not be able to quote correctly (or their own website for that matter). A quote should be close to the amount and not 100%+ more.

If I didn’t give him my account number then as a paying counter customer he would have charged the $78 and I wouldn’t have had to report them.Don’t let them rip you off.

Report them to the BBB and to Consumer Protection Agency. Their business practices are despicable.


FraudEx never again! I used the online quote system putting in exact dimensions and weight.

I get a bill on my credit card that is 4 times the quote. What is the point of getting the quote if they charge whatever they want?

They claim my package was 96" X 23" X 7" when it was actually 69" X 11" X 6".

They never gave me my money back but my credit card company did. I wonder how many transactions they get away with overcharging?

Sarasota, Florida, United States #684137

I shipped a headboard freight with fedex. .they quoted me off the weight, size and such and it included picking up at my company and pick up at the store when delivered..I had quotes for around 2-300 but fedex was 315 and thought a reputable name is best..needless to say that they pick it up and I pay right there with the credit card and then weeks later I get a bill for $72.83 and I call and they say I need my quote number to verify everything and luckily I had it because just a copy of everything else wasnt good enough..they try saying it must have been bigger or heavier but turns out I put heavier and bigger so then they said its a fuel charge and I say you picked it up and dropped it off at your fedex store just like the paper says and they DID NOTHING to date and I get no where and still receive bills every month or so..FEDEX INTENTIONLY RIPS OFF PEOPLE..do not us3!!

We were students doing our research study and we ordered electronic components from Digikey. We bought a device that cost $27 + FedEx shipping of $40 which is obviously greater than the item we bought.

We were shocked :eek to hear that we are going to pay $50 of taxes and unknown charges we didn't expect to take. Our $27 item was charged by FedEx for $77?

That's insanely inappropriate and unethical. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain #591819

I hope we were alone on this but man after browsing the internet a bit, was I wrong ! We are just trying to be charged near three times what was stated in the shipment calculator for our Intl Economy order.

To add to the evidences, before registering for this shipment online we were confirmed personally several times on a price of around $750 on different phone operators, all packages measured and weighted.

Even if they went for the most expensive Express option (which we did never authorize) there would still be about $400 of unexplained overcharges. This is after waiting near 4 hours for them in a self-storage for pick-up just to call them and discover their fantastic online pick-up website system decided to ignore our stated pick-up window limit and reschedule it at 12 at night !


Regarding my comment below, I was charged $240 to send a regular letter over night. Typically the charge is $25-35.

So it was very easy to spot the Fraud on my bill when I am twice charged $240 to send letters. What I will never know is how many mistakes I did not catch.


I have a small business. I use FedEx to ship paper insurance applications and letters, always less than 1 pound.

I was charged 35 lbs and 45 lbs on 2 flat rate envelopes I shipped within the past 3 months. There is no way any human being can make this mistake. After reading that this practice is common within FedEx, I will not use them ever again.

I was comfortable paying a high premium to use their service, but now I will just use USPS for Priority Mail. Cheaper, and I will not have to worry about catching fraud.


Our office does limited FedEx shipping, but with a monthly shipment of several indentically packed boxes of paper--reports and drawings. The boxes typically weigh between seven and eight pounds.

Almost every month, we get overcharged for false weights, frequently at 30 pounds. (I don't think that a large FedEx box absolutely stuffed to capacity with paper could weigh that much, as one could not fit even four reams of paper.) So, we learned early to weigh the boxes ourselves and mark the weight on the slips.

But they usually ignore it anyway, until we call to complain. This month, for identical boxes weighing 7.25 pounds, they charged us for weights ranging from ten to thirty pounds, again in spite of our having weighed and marked the weight.


I am calling the IRS on them!! I am a business and spend aprox 30-35,000 a year in shipping via all couriers.

Fed-Ex is the ONLY courier that is overcharging me by hundreds a year! I had to hire one extra employee just to keep up with the billing with Fed-ex. I am seriously outraged and will go further with this!

I encourage all of you to do the same! It's clearly THEFT!


I just shipped a Toshiba Thrive 10.1" Tablet via eBay and used FedEx ship manager on fedex.com to ship it. It weighed 6.4lbs and I put it in a box that had the dimensions written on it.

15 x 12 x 10 were the dimensions on the box. The cost for the shipment was $13.26. FedEx just charged me $126.50 for a 6.4lb box that had dimensions 42.4 x 35 x 15.4. WTF?!

She said the dimensions were manually entered twice she said.

A) Why would I ship a 10.1" Tablet (about the size of an iPad) in a box that big and B) Why on earth would a box of that size cost $126.50 anyways?

They said I have to wait for it to be invoiced before they can investigate it.


I shipped a letter byFEDEX envelope to another city in USA. The charge on the receipt $12.50 but they charged almost $27.

That is ridiculous. I will not use FEDEX anymore as they did this so many times and every time I spend an hour getting my overcharged money back from them.


I send the same item every month for business. I take the package (same size box and same weight) to the Fedex location--not a retail store.

I get a receipt. So when i get my bill, it is always higher. I went back in my records and found that this has happened on every shipment! I called Fedex today and asked them why it was higher and they could give no explantion.

That's just not acceptable.



To everybody here who is defending Fedex as if they are charging dimensional weight.

We ship maybe once or twice a week with Fedex Smartpost and if we ship, it's always the same item for that entire day in the same packaging. Our scale reads 1.7lb.

Out of 220 packages on our last invoice, the weight jumped between 1.65lb to at one instance 9lb, and many over 3lb. It is the same item in a box size 12"x8"x2".

Same size, weight, contents - different weight by Fedex. Now they are saying someone will call us back within 72hrs


They not only go by actual weight but also by something called "cube weight" . Lets say I am shipping the same weight in feathers and the same wight in lead.

The lead fits in a small 3 x 3 box, however the feathers require a 100 x 100 box.

Both the same weight, however the feathers require more space on a truck and would therefore cost more.

Cube weights, or Dimensional weights are charged with every carrier.


Same problem has happened to me. Over a year period we have found over $20,000.

in upcharges Fed Ex has charged my company. We use their software and it does not make you fill in the dimensions. Why not make the software make you fill it in the size of the package? They do not let you know on your bill you have been upcharged.

I have sent them a detailed excel spreadsheet showing them what there software quoted us and what we were charged. They told me this would take some time to fix. (now over 4 months) I said no problem, I'm holding up the money I owe you. Now I'm getting collection calls from them.

They won't even pick up a package if one of my customers gives me their fed ex number to pick up from my business. Now they are affecting my business, time to talk to a lawyer.

This is boardering criminal.... anyone else getting it up the butt?


I own a business and received a shipment from my vendor and they pulled up front brought inside the store then had employee check a box for the 12 boxes and charged $88 on top of the amount they already collected from the vendor. They never tell you that they simply try to slide it by....BEWARE

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