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On Saturday, May 28, 2016, your the delivery person drug my package from you down the side of my 2nd car - a grey Trailblazer! It left a deep scratch all the length of the car! WHY????

That was just plain negligence and incompetence and inconsiderate behavior. My Trailblazer was just painted in August of 2015 after it was scratched and dented buy a Walmart employee in their parking lot. I am furious that you have such a negligent employee who was so uncaring! I started buffing it and due to the strong wax and treatment, I see that if I spend enough time I can get most of the etched in scarring off.

Had I not come right down and saw what was done immediatedly as the employee was leaving, I am sure your employee would deny the action!

If I had to report another claim on the same car in less than a year my rates would jump, even though I have preferred rates for no accidents or citations.

I want this negligent employee reprimanded. Wasn't it enough that my goods were broken loose and bouncing around in the box? These people are well paid to do a job. If they cannot do the job they are paid for THEY CAN QUIT!!!

There is NO REASON for this kind of behavior. I have lived here over 25 years and NEVER before has my property been damaged in my own yard by a delivery person.

I want to speak with someone concerning this on the first business day after the holiday. I will take pictures. It is a crime when in our own yards we cannot have protection for our property because of out right disregard from PAID workers.

Please contact me. If I do not hear from you I am going to lodge a FORMAL complaint against your company. This is the second time this year my purchases have been dented and beat up. But I AM NOT going to have my vehicles damaged, too, because of pure uncaring negligence!

Maralyn Lewis D.E.

4915 Warm Spring CT

Louisville, KY 40245

(502) 241-5504

I will be expecting a reply to this correspondence! Your tracking reference number is below.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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