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Fed Ex Smart Post is EXTREMELY PAINFUL to deal with. The employees of fed ex smart post seem extremely disorganized and are anything BUT knowledgeable.

I had to speak with 3 people in order to confirm the tracking number to relay to my local post office (who was just as bad... claiming they don't have access to a computer to input a tracking number.... I asked them how the *** they track packages.... he said, "I don't have access but the guy next to me does".

Well... can he look into this? He said, "well, he's on the phone so you're going to have to call back. I almost laughed at the ridiculousness of this conversation - or maybe these idiots pushed me to insanity).

Also, all 3 contacts at fed ex told me something different about WHERE the package was. I can't tell if they were just lazy liars and didn't feel like looking up my package... or if they are just idiots. I can't tell what's worse.

If you ever need to follow up on a package that fed ex smart post delivered to your local post office, use the tracking number fed ex provided BUT include a 92 in FRONT of the tracking number (as long as your tracking number starts with a 612).

If you can...

avoid this service at all costs. They are employed by a bunch of morons who will send you on a wild goose chase.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #669862

Thanks for the useful tip on prefixing 92 to the 612xxx FedEx tracking number when trying to find the package in the USPS tracking system. Worked like a charm!


You realize FedEx and USPS have completely different tracking systems, correct? You can't track FedEx packages on USPS systems or vice versa. Just wondering since if you knew that, you wouldn't be so angry at the post office for something that isn't their fault at all?

to Anonymous Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1128832

If they truly can't track a package while it in possession of a "shipping partner", perhaps they shouldn't be partners!

In this day and age, not being able to track a package THROUGHOUT its travels is nothing short of ridiculous.

I despise 'smart' post because it is anything but smart when it comes to tracking and it makes it far too easy for USPS to pass the buck. Which is the thing they do best!

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