I ordered a package from amazon on 02/14 it said 5-8 buisness days shipping.It didn't leave them until a week later 02/21 arrived that night 10pm at Fed Ex smart post in Kent, WA.

It then sat there and didn't show leaving there until 02/23 after 7pm 2 days sitting in the store!! Really?

When I track the package it finally now says post office is notified of incoming delivery due 25th- yet post office has still not seen anything.Two more days of no tracking.I expected more from Amazon and Fed Ex but the smart post is not a direct Fed ex so if I can't be guaranteed regular fed ex no indirect offices I won't order from Amazon.

Review about: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $56.


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Who did you end up getting ahold of?My fed ex package that weighs 2 lbs.

has been sitting in kent washington since December 30th.

Today is Jan.10th i would like to get ahold of some one but dont know where to start.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1122187

my package arrived in troutdale oregon and it was sent to kent washington which is north from its destination in central oregon. wtf.

to quit Salem, Oregon, United States #1342330

I too had a package that I ordered was supposed to be delivered to Salem OR ends up in Troutdale, OR and then sent to Kent WA. I do not get this either.

Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #920305

Yes - terrible service.Ordered wedding thank you cards that were shipped on December 3rd from Arizona, arrived in Kent WA Dec 8th and were "in transit" December 9th to Federal Way --- I live in Gig Harbor, today is Dec 23rd and I have YET to see my wedding thank you cards, which are now going to be extremely late...

thanks a bunch Fed Ex Smart post --- all their customer service could do is say "sorry contact the shipper to resend them" -- do they even realize how long custom made cards take to make?...useless..


I've purchased 4 items on 1st Dec 2014, 3 items already received as expected but there is this 1 item l have yet to receive till date (21st Dec 2014)!!!The seller is a 3rd party seller PacSun, my item stuck at the "Preparing for Shipment" for 8 days till l emailed the seller on 8th Dec 2014 and the seller replied but was not able to give me a simple answer as in when can they even Ship it out.

hence, l contacted Amazon after 2 days which was on 10th Dec 2014 and l finally get to see my item status change to "Shipped Out" which is on 11th Dec 2014! I wasn't able to to track my package when l try to check under "USPS" as in Amazon, my shipping information under Carrier reflected "USPS" so l contacted Amazon again on 15th Dec 2014 and they contacted the seller, l got a reply from seller saying it is via "FedEx SmartPost". Now is already 21st Dec 2014 and my package have yet to arrive! Amazon should do something about this!!!

Looks like I won't be able to get my item before Christmas!

Extremely Disappointed....As it is ridiculously slow!!!

Steilacoom, Washington, United States #848458

I ordered some clothes from Hollister and I have been tracking it for like the past 3 days and my package was in the kent FedEx smart post for about 2 hours and then they sent it off and now it's going to the Lakewood post office and that's what I am worried about I order something last year and I still haven't got it from Lakewood.I when in the back to see if my package was there and they still had packages from like 3 years ago I payed of 100 for all my stuff I still don't have it.

I hope for the best this time hopefully I get my clothes.

Lynnwood, Washington, United States #842227

Reading all of the comments........***!***!!

***!!!I hope I get my parcel on time.

Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #834721

Almost always they keep my package for 3 or more days.

If it got there sooner, why wont you ship it out sooner ?

Everybody wants their packages delivered faster and shipping date is always variable. I see no reason to keep the package in for 3 days.

You people suck.

You are the only one that does it.

to Tony Salem, Oregon, United States #1342332

Yes, Fedex sucks especially Fedex smart post.

Kent, Washington, United States #829295

I have been working for this place for 2 years.These guys discriminate in hiring process; you have to know somebody or kiss managers *** to move up.

Most of the managers don't have any idea what is going on on the floor. All they care is THL; which is amount of packages processed by amount of employees.

They make their employees work more than 3 hours without breaks and I am one of them.Complete corporate slave.

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