I ordered a package from amazon on 02/14 it said 5-8 buisness days shipping. It didn't leave them until a week later 02/21 arrived that night 10pm at Fed Ex smart post in Kent, WA.

It then sat there and didn't show leaving there until 02/23 after 7pm 2 days sitting in the store!! Really?

When I track the package it finally now says post office is notified of incoming delivery due 25th- yet post office has still not seen anything.Two more days of no tracking. I expected more from Amazon and Fed Ex but the smart post is not a direct Fed ex so if I can't be guaranteed regular fed ex no indirect offices I won't order from Amazon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $56.

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Who did you end up getting ahold of? My fed ex package that weighs 2 lbs.

has been sitting in kent washington since December 30th.

Today is Jan. 10th i would like to get ahold of some one but dont know where to start.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1122187

my package arrived in troutdale oregon and it was sent to kent washington which is north from its destination in central oregon. wtf.

to quit Salem, Oregon, United States #1342330

I too had a package that I ordered was supposed to be delivered to Salem OR ends up in Troutdale, OR and then sent to Kent WA. I do not get this either.

Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #920305

Yes - terrible service. Ordered wedding thank you cards that were shipped on December 3rd from Arizona, arrived in Kent WA Dec 8th and were "in transit" December 9th to Federal Way --- I live in Gig Harbor, today is Dec 23rd and I have YET to see my wedding thank you cards, which are now going to be extremely late...

thanks a bunch Fed Ex Smart post --- all their customer service could do is say "sorry contact the shipper to resend them" -- do they even realize how long custom made cards take to make?... useless..


I've purchased 4 items on 1st Dec 2014, 3 items already received as expected but there is this 1 item l have yet to receive till date (21st Dec 2014)!!! The seller is a 3rd party seller PacSun, my item stuck at the "Preparing for Shipment" for 8 days till l emailed the seller on 8th Dec 2014 and the seller replied but was not able to give me a simple answer as in when can they even Ship it out.

hence, l contacted Amazon after 2 days which was on 10th Dec 2014 and l finally get to see my item status change to "Shipped Out" which is on 11th Dec 2014! I wasn't able to to track my package when l try to check under "USPS" as in Amazon, my shipping information under Carrier reflected "USPS" so l contacted Amazon again on 15th Dec 2014 and they contacted the seller, l got a reply from seller saying it is via "FedEx SmartPost". Now is already 21st Dec 2014 and my package have yet to arrive! Amazon should do something about this!!!

Looks like I won't be able to get my item before Christmas!

Extremely Disappointed.... As it is ridiculously slow!!!

Steilacoom, Washington, United States #848458

I ordered some clothes from Hollister and I have been tracking it for like the past 3 days and my package was in the kent FedEx smart post for about 2 hours and then they sent it off and now it's going to the Lakewood post office and that's what I am worried about I order something last year and I still haven't got it from Lakewood. I when in the back to see if my package was there and they still had packages from like 3 years ago I payed of 100 for all my stuff I still don't have it.

I hope for the best this time hopefully I get my clothes.

Lynnwood, Washington, United States #842227

Reading all of the comments........***! ***!!

***!!! I hope I get my parcel on time.

Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #834721

Almost always they keep my package for 3 or more days.

If it got there sooner, why wont you ship it out sooner ?

Everybody wants their packages delivered faster and shipping date is always variable. I see no reason to keep the package in for 3 days.

You people suck.

You are the only one that does it.

to Tony Salem, Oregon, United States #1342332

Yes, Fedex sucks especially Fedex smart post.

Kent, Washington, United States #829295

I have been working for this place for 2 years. These guys discriminate in hiring process; you have to know somebody or kiss managers *** to move up.

Most of the managers don't have any idea what is going on on the floor. All they care is THL; which is amount of packages processed by amount of employees.

They make their employees work more than 3 hours without breaks and I am one of them. Complete corporate slave.

Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States #785182

Same thing has happened to me but only the company that I made my purchase from was/is Harbor Freight Tools. Also, I am still waiting for my package to arrive even though I was told I would receive my package with in "3 to 7 business days".

I was not told by Harbor Freight Tools that their processing time was not included in the "3 to 7 business days"."However, I wasn't told that it would take them two days to process my order placed 2/5/14. When I received the tracking number FedEx Smartpost was showing and expected delivery date of 2/14/14 then that got changed to /18/14 day before yesterday. At this point, likewise, I have not received my order and honestly do not know where my package is as or if it has left its last known location of Portland, OR on its way to the Lewiston, ID area with only about 350 miles away but most likely going to go a long way around on the slow boat to China getting to me. Frankly, I do not know who is worse when it comes to delivering a persons items USPS or FedEx and given the fact that they are tag teaming this delivery heaven forbid!

Beatrice L. Dorsett


Lost package, arrived at this location and never went any further. Took weeks to get a partial of what the item was worth and you don't even get the postage back even though they don't complete the service you paid for.

Never, ever use smart post, particularly if it goes to this location.

It will mysteriously disappear. :(

Kent, Washington, United States #757542

I currently slave for FedEx SmartPost in Kent Washington you wanna know the truth well I don't think you can handle the truth spark post its just a middleman between FedEx and the real United States Post Office they don't deliver all they do is sort they are so dysfunctional and organize Amazon did stop dealing with them but then they came back Dumbo FedEx SmartPost treats his employees like *** that's why you don't get your package's on time, the majority of the people who work there are immigrants who don't speak no English and the managers and the staff are all retarded it feels like a slave plantation I'm surprised at Union haven't busted that *** wide open or a workers lawsuit. FedEx SmartPost it's just the middleman who don't give a *** about you either end aka yo ***!!!! Amazon should drop him like a bad habit even if that means kicking me out the matrix that's the truth can you handle it

to INSIDEMAN Kent, Washington, United States #849105

I do not think so. Management is the key problem not the employees.

Dallas, Texas, United States #713228

To FedexSucks,You are a *** as cracker,That really need's your *** KICKED for your post.Low life people like yourself need to pick up your own order.

to PAM Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #834723

How am i going to pick up an order from CA if i live in WA ?

If i knew it was gonna sit there for 3 days i would have come in there my self and get it.

Did u know it was gonna sit there for 3 days ?

Well, maybe because it did several times before.

Seattle, Washington, United States #711633

i dont like these niggas.

they keep packages that are scheduled for late delivery to match up the delivery date.

Why not send it out to make it an EARLY delivery ?

I dont see any problem with that.

to fedex***ks #1036560

ship through conway freight if they have your package there you can pick it up at anytime they will dig it out of a trailer and it is always early. fed ex sucks ducking #ick

Renton, Washington, United States #682851

Thank u4 the good info, I was wondering how FedEx has my shipment n it was supposed to come thru USPS.

Yelm, Washington, United States #679560

Says that my package departed hours ahead of actual current time. I checked at 3:30pm and it said it had departed this location at 6:52pm the same day.

I called these guys and they couldn't give me a straight answer why.

I ordered two different packages from the same retailer on the same day at the same time. One was sent UPS and the other was through Fedex. Both same shipping rates.

UPS arrived today, Fedex not till middle of next week. I think I'll be choosing UPS from now on for my shipping needs.

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