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I ordered some things on line for Christmas and the estimated arrival time was the 20th of this month. So I checked tracking on the Fed Ex website about my packages only to find that for some reason unknown to me and everyone I talked to decided to use smartpost which in my opinion should be called stupidpost.

Now these packages left the smartpost location and was supposed to arrive in my area on the 19th. I talked to the post office because that's where the smartpost sends the packages to be delivered. The smartpost location is only a 2 hour drive to the closest main post office to me. The post office is still waiting to receive several pallets from that smartpost location and they don't know where the shipments are.

Fed Ex doesn't know where those are pallets either. I am supposed to leave today to spend Christmas with those that I bought those presents for and now I don't have them. It's a *** shame that the USPS is doing a better job than Fed Ex. I use to support Fed Ex but no longer.

I will never use Fed Ex and I will not order anything from anyone if they use Fed Ex. I also urge everyone not to use Fed Ex.

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Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #798468

Does anyone actually think Smartpost is effecient? Shame on FedEx...they used to be so reliable.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #721894

I actually work at a FedEx smart post hub and I'd have to say ordering anything after thanksgiving is a bad idea. Christmas time is our peak season where the part-time workers work 40+ hours and the full time workers work 60-70+ hours.

Our hub doesn't close during this time. I suggest ordering your items ahead of time or just buying them from the store of you need them by a certain date. Online ordering tip: don't pay the extra charge for over-night shipping. Shipping speed depends on what time of the year it is and the amount of freight that hub is processing.

Paying the extra charge for over-night shipping will not magically make your package arrive any faster. It will get there when it gets there.

And no it's not the most difficult job, but it can be labor-intensive. Just ask the bruises on my legs.

to FedEx worker Wautoma, Wisconsin, United States #1016309

I suggest if you can't handle the business that you get out of it.

Lindale, Texas, United States #684102

I had same thing happen to me! Ordered a Fishfinder off the Bay, which ended the 12th of July!

shipping said Fast and Free! "Cool" I Thought! Turns out it was FedEx SmartPost! Originally started out expected delivery Date 7-18-13 then after 3 Days of Pre shipment info Received, it went to the 20th!

From Tennessee to Lindale texas! I'm not talking about coming from china! But it FINALLY Made it to Dallas the 18th a.m. then tracking said it would be Delivered the 22nd!

The real kick in the teeth says its in lindale today! Arrived the 18th at 4:29 P.m. And USPS runs on Saturday! From now on if I see fast & Free or anything that even "looks like FedEx" I WILL NOT PURCHASE IT!

I'd rather Dig my eyes out with a Phillips Screwdriver!

Than to imagine some over paid dread Lock wearing Chimp neglecting doing his JOB! Simply Pathetic!


Smartpost with any major carrier brands suck big time UPS, FedEx, or DHL. USPS the worst of all, unless you send in Priority Mail. I think your problem was USPS, not FedEx.

to joes #856852

Fail. All you have to do is look at the tracking history to see that it is not USPS, but FedEx that is the problem.

Items sit in FedEx warehouses for days before they are passed on to other FedEx warehouses.

Adds days to to delivery. USPS is actually pretty fast.


I'm tracking my two smartpost packages and they have been in my city of 60k for the last 3 days according to the smartpost tracking number I entered at the usps track website. I live 1 mile from post office, it is day four now from time packages have been in local post office according to their tracking, yet I just watched my mail carrier drive away leaving nothing.

Whatever this unholy union between usps and fedex is, it sucks. I called post office to see if I could just come pick my packages up and they tell me they have no clue how to track down smartpost mail. My friend who works at a post office in the next state over tells me smartpost basically means low priority and sometimes a pallet of smartpost will not even be at the post office even if it states it is, it will be sitting at a fedex holding facility.

And other times it will sit at the post office for days untouched because of it's low priority level. Great idea fedex, maybe you can make a post that won't ever get to anyone and call it smartpost II.


FedEx Smart Post w/Blue Kangaroos in CA is the worst I've had a package that has not left CA yet. That was SIX DAYS AGO, two days after I ordered the item.

(City Of Industry) More like city of I don't give a hoot. 8 Days and hasn't left the state, I call BS.


Yes former commenter, the idea of christmas is to buy the most expensive gifts at a store you walked to and suffered long lines for... o wait, maybe christmas isn't about just presents and where you got them from and how much you paid for. Grow up, you have the mind set of a 13 year old girl.

to Mccoy is *** Omaha, Nebraska, United States #624252
Sounds to me like the commenter has several legitimate complaints and you sound like the 13 year old. :roll

The USPS and Fedex are both companies who's employees are incompetent at their best. Combine the two and the incompetence levels rises to epic proportion.


Poor spoiled kids next time go to a store..What a bunch of people you equate happiness with china-mart *** screwed up XMAS, with hoping crappy stuff would somehow make you A SPECIAL CARING PERSON!!!!HOW SHALLOW..


I received an e mail to update about Fed Ex. C.S never called me back like they promised they would.

The package was never traced by Fed Ex. I received the packages but they were late and it made for a very uncomfortable Christmas to say the least. Then I I had to make that long drive again once those packages arrived.

Talk about screwing up Christmas. I will never order anything from anyone who uses Fed Ex.

to popuppy Wautoma, Wisconsin, United States #1016311

Keeping ordering. After the order is placed and if it comes up as Smartpost cancel the order and give the reason as " slow delivery by Smartpost.". Maybe the retailers will get a clue.


I am still waiting for my FedEx smart post packages too. The company I order from has sent my package out twice.

No sign of them. I never had to wait longer that the estimated delivery date. Usually my package get here a day early. far have taken 2 x longer that they said. I hope I get them soon!!


Activity, "On FedEx vehicle for delivery" BEEN LIKE THAT OVER 2 DAYS, STILL... NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.



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