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Boycott any company that uses Fed Ex SmartPost, including which now for some bizarre reason has decided to jeopardize its reputation with this sh$@^y service.

Long story short. I've been ordering with for close to a decade without any problem. But after it switched over to "Fed Ex SmartPost", it's been a complete and utter disaster. The very 1st time I dealt with it, I had ordered an expensive camera. I tracked the package, found out its delivery date, and spent all day at home waiting for it. It was a fair bet that I'd get it early on, because it was literally out of the facility at, like 6:00AM.

Well, guess what? Not one truck arrived to the house the entire time.

Which was fine. What wasn't fine was that two obviously bogus "attempted deliveries" status updats suddenly appeared in online tracking later that evening. And (get this) the two "attempted deliveries" were actually spaced four minutes apart. And (it gets better) no post it note was even placed on my door, proving that an actual truck never even made it to my street. Some *** just entered the "attempted deliveries" into tracking.

In a panic, I was terrified that maybe someone was in the process of stealing the camera. After an infuriated phone call, it was promptly dropped at my doorstep 9 AM the next morning.

Now we come to the second incident. Two weeks ago, I ordered two items from Amazon. Like I said previously, I have used that service for literally years without issues. So I ordered these books and waited for them as always, expecting to come on time as usual.

I had had such a long and pleasant history with Amazon that it literally took me a week past the estimated delivery date to finally realize, "Hey, that's odd... where are the books?" I tracked the package on Oct 24th expecting to see the package delayed or something, only to see a message that said, "Your order was delivered on the 17th at 9 AM!"


So obviously, this package was misdelivered, stolen, or lost, and someone decided, "No skin off our noses; let's just LIE and say we delivered it when we clearly hadn't! Hey, we lie about attempted deliveries, so why not that?"

I called my local carrier, who opened up an "investigation." When I followed up on my case, I was told, "Once something has been marked as delivered, it's out of our hands." "What's that supposed to mean?" I said.

The representative then offered to give me a new number to "escalate" my case. I said, "Hold on, let me get a pen and piece of paper." I couldn't have taken me more than 15 seconds (in fact, I even ran to speed up the process).

Coincidentally, just as I returned to inform the rep that I was "ready," she was suddenly "deaf" and *couldn't* hear me. "Hello? Hello? Ma'am? Hello????" (I'm surprised she didn't do the whole fake static thing with her mouth and go "Ksshshshshhhh.... you're breaking up, Ma'am! There's too much static!!! KSSSHHHKSSSSSSSHHHHH!!!")

Then the effing b*tch hung up on me. Real classy.

So now you know. Fed Ex SmartPost= GARBAGE. Don't even bother dealing with any business that uses this as a carrier. Actually, it might be time to boycott all of ecommerce, because it seems as if all of these carriers (Fed Ex, UPS, etc) are hiring losers who are more than happy to get paid for work without actually doing any!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $43.

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My package has spent a week. 7 days in a city an hour away from me.

Thanks smartpost you garbage *** service. I hate when people send me *** this way. *** you smartpost. Another package fedex had 30 minutes from my home, took it to a usps distribution hub an hour away from me, for it to sit there three days.

What the ***, in what world does this *** make any sense. *** you

Dallas, Texas, United States #716353

I just recieved a package from "Fedex Smartpost"So therefore your post is not true.You are confused.Fedex smartpost did not make my delivery,USPS delivered my package to me.First of all you will have to track your package from the beginning to the end.Alway's allow time for the package to leave the first destination's and Then from that point on you will know where your package is and When you will recieve the package.This is not "Fedex Smartpost problem,The problem lies with the USPS and When they recieve the package.This is so simple.Place blame where it goes.


@Catty, you're either a troll or a ***. Whichever the case, keep scratching your head with confusion about my complaint while everyone else with an IQ above 22 gets it.


Huh? Still trying to figure out where the complaint is being lodged.

Fedex or Usps? If this is the case why isn't your mail carrier using the established methods? Nothing should have changed regarding the delivery method. Who is the local carrier that you contacted?

This is one of the goofiest complaints I have seen. Designers have nothing to do with this.


@Some1: Stop trying to "confuse" the issue by talking about USPS. The fact that USPS "delivers" packages via SmartPost has NOTHING to do with anything. I know, because there's a huge bit of difference in the quality of service when I deal with USPS directly and when I deal with SmartPost.

I have shipped and received hundreds, maybe thousands of items through USPS with zero problem over the course of 10 years. I still ship and receive things via USPS with no problems, and the service couldn't be impeccable. The driver promptly opens the door (there's a special key outside of the house via lockbox), rings the bell, and drops it into the vestibule. He doesn't even HAVE to ring the bell, but these USPS drivers have been doing that without fail for the past 10 years!

In fact, just last week when the Amazon order went missing, I had three packages come in right on time with no issue, rung doorbell, dropped package in vestibule, everything! And these were small packages (two of them sent by typical eBay shlubs), not a huge box.

So there's something definitely screwy going on in the collaboration between FedEx SmartPost and USPS. In other words, this isn't a simple matter of conveniently blaming one party or the other (i.e., USPS).

That's why I'd never boycott any company that uses USPS. I know other people have had problems, but in my particular zip code, I've never had problems dealing with it directly. If I ordered, like, 500 things tomorrow, every single item will reach my door in one piece. Maybe two or three might be delayed, but trust me-- they'd still make it here eventually.


@catty: I don't know where the confusion is coming from. I am complaining against the SERVICE known as FedEx Smartpost. Not FedEx, not the post office, but that particular SERVICE.

You're trying to confuse the issue (that this service sucks) with the fact that FedEx has outsourced delivery to USPS. What does that have to do with anything? If you paid $10, 000 to an interior decorator for her "services" and she contracted a horrible furniture maker to furnish your home, what would you do in that case when all the furniture breaks down in 6 months? Go, "Oh, well, I paid this interior decorator 10 grand to decorate my house. But I shouldn't complain about her services as a decorator, because it's the furniture place that messed up."



Just so you know

FedEx uses smartpost which is delivered by the USPS.

UPS has a similar section of its company that does the exact same thing which is delivered by the USPS

and finally the USPS does the same thing so if your boycotting companies that use this service you are effectively boycotting any company that uses any of these shipping agents.


Maybe I am reading this wrong. Smartpost packages are delivered by the post office. Is this complaint against fedex or the post office?

to catty Jefferson, Georgia, United States #715687

FedEx and UPS both do this. The complaint should be with the company that the product is purchased from.

They are the ones that elected smart-post instead of standard FedEx or UPS delivery because the smart-post is cheaper deal for them. I get mad because I think I am paying for FedEx or UPS to deliver when ultimately it is the USPS that delivers.

Once the product gets to the post office that is when the problem usually starts. Also if you do not have a postal address then your package is held at the post office because the post office will not deliver to an address that is not a "postal" address.

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