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I was told that my package would be delivered on Jan 5th as it needed a signature and I waited and waited and it never came and I called and the office said they had up till 9pm and it never came I waited till 9 i called back and they said the driver was overloaded and he couldnt make it so now its rescheduled for Jan 6th and its now after 12pm and it still hasnt came...Its not my fault that fedex gets overloaded if they put it on the truck they should stay out and make the deliverys. Unless u break down or have an accident you oughta get the job done fedex.

Pissed off! will never use fedex again!

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Elkville, Illinois, United States #236235

It isn't just "overloaded" trucks - it is drivers who don't appreciate actually having a job, who want to get done "early" so just lie about making delivery attempts.

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