I took off work to wait on package. Never showed up.

Said they tried and no one was home. Complete BS. I even went to local Fed Ex office the day before and got 2 door tags signed them and taped to both doors. They are more incomptent than the post office.

Than I call customer service and they tell me if I need it before Monday I can drive to service which is 30 miles away between 6 & 630 than drive 30 miles back home.

Thats what they are and were paid for.

Bunch of A Holes. I will never use them again.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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im having this similar problem i ordered an phone overnight shipping and it was suppose to get here 1/18/12 they friggin went to the wrong house and i gave them the correct address and everything walked past the house and saw they left an fed ex thing on somebody elses door there only excuse was i wasnt home and they knocked no *** i dont live there so i awoke to look out the window to see a fed ex truck speeding past my house so called and they said they`d send it 1/19/12 and they did the same exact thing after sitting waiting for them it shouldnt be that hard to get a *** house number right and i told them twice now its goin on day 3 now its friggin crazy considering i paid extra to get it sooner ive never had this prob before its official fed ex sucks and somebody is lazy and not doing there job because they were suppose to change the address so the driver wouldnt keep goin to the wrong house guess not *** bags


Fed Ex never came to my home, but the online status on my delivery said, " customer not avialable".

They suck, and their driver suck, they are totally incompetent. I won't be surprised to see this company do down the drain.

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