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I am VERY pissed. My daughter had a package shipped to my house because I am home all day and could sign for it if needed.

Today, I walked down to get my mail and there was the expensive Britax car seat, sitting in plain view of the main road. Anybody could have drove right up, loaded it into the car and sped off. The driver did put it behind some tall grass, but it was still visible. If they didn't want to drive up the driveway, they could have walked the pkg.


Lazy! You Suck!

Monetary Loss: $140.

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Bob the builder deuche. My beef is that they do the same thing with Express packages.

Even when I require signature they let the refrigerator repairman sign and take my package and the last time they took a signature from the gardener.

When I called FedEx they said their policy is to give the package to anyone on the property whether they live there or not, as long as they're willing to sign for it. Why don't you go collect your welfare check and stop making idiotic comments on this site.


Victor, it sounds like you're talking about FedEx Ground. Normally those guys are the contractors.

Express on the other hand isn't. Express is timed by the second for every package.

If they waited for every customer to come to do the door, they wouldn most likely be unemployed. Do your research first guy.


Did you get the package. Yes.

Was it What's your beef? Maybe your upset because your lazy.

99.99 % of those guys work their but off doing a job you probably couldn't do if you had your whole family helping you. Next time have real complaint instead of wasting your time and ours.


Fed ex is not the same here in central florida they are contractors not employees of fed ex the service is terrible and customer no service knows how to say only one thing sorry when i am waiting for a package i have to seat at the porch all day because he rings the bell as he is walking back to the truck dont give you a chance to get up and answer the door terrible terrible service is a shame they where the best at one point.

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