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So I was sent a package a while ago and fedex told me that it would be at my house in a couple of days after about a week I thought that something might be fishy and I contacted the company who told me that they didn't even know that the package was even gone. Then they told me they'd look for it and contact me when they found it it took about a week and they never contacted me and I once again had to do their job for them and them what happened to my package.

They informed me that my package was last seen at a location then not again. I called this location and they said they never even got the package and that it could have been lost anywhere.

It was a hassle to get any money back for it after that. Long story short this company is made up of neglegent *** who don't care about your stuff and lie to you and I will never use this ever again, and I don't recommend others using it either.

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I am a very frequent online shopper nad shipper and the ONLY time there is a problem it is when FedEx is involved. I just watched the FedEx truck pull up in front of my apartment, wait about one minute then pull off.

I checked the online status and it changed to incorrect address (same address I have resided for 6 years). When I called customer service I was told I can pick my package up less than 2 miles from my apartment no earlier than TUESDAY (today is Saturday).

Because Monday is not a working day. If this is not a ringing endorsement for using ANY carrier other than FedEx I don't know what is.

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