I shop frequently on Amazon and i usually take advantage of free shipping. But when it comes down to work clothing, or tools i pay for Fast shipping.

I watch the tracking locations for lets say...Florida to Baltimore.

My package gets shipped all the way out to Missouri and sits there for two days before moving at all. Then it will make another two day stop in West Virginia. Then it will arrive at my door before they even bother to update the tracking info.

This is just pathetic.

When you call them for help you only get a smart *** answer and a dose of sarcasm when you complain about the waste of time and request a refund. I am sorry, but if i pay for two day shipping and it takes 6 days to reach me you haven't done your job and your screwing me out of money.

FedEx has pissed me off so bad that i won't even shop from sellers that use them. FedEx you can eat ***.

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