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My fiance has been working for fedex since december and been loyal to them in every way..he got hired on full time. he made a flat rate which was fine at first until they kept him out till ten or eleven at night.

if i was a customer and fedex came knockin on my door at eleven at night i would be pissed.

They do not keep up with their vehicles they expect their drivers to go all day without air conditioning and bald fiance got into a wreck because it pouring down raining and his tires were bald and he couldnt stop all the way..he didnt run into the other vehicle didnt hurt anyone instead ran head first on top of a guard rail. he asked his boss if he was gonna be fired and he said no then a week later he was let go..does that sound like a place u would want to support?

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The Center Managers are to make excuses dont go to the one in Dearborn, MI on Michigan AVE


@Murray90: That's typical of the industry. DHL treated its contractors the same way.

You got paid $400 a week regardless of how long it took you to make all your deliveries... is it any wonder that if you weren't home, they would just give your package to your neighbor or leave it on your porch and drive off?

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