On May 17 (seventeen) 2013, at 6:00 pm on Forest City Rd. in Alt.

Springs., Fl. A Driver (male, black man, mid 20's) in Truck # 229407 was WEAVING all over his lane ; drove w/blinker on for 1 mile (never turning) because he was too busy TEXT ING WHILE DRIVING AND NOT PAYING ATTENTION!! You people are supposed to be setting an example - we have enough problems with everyone else doing this!! Rediculous!

He could have hit another car and caused a serious accident! I tried to get his attention at a red light - but he was still too busy Text- ing!

I am reporting this to all office in Orlando area... You should have monitors or not allow people to drive with their cell phones while they are on the clock!

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How about you worry about how you drive and that's that. :cry

to Anonymous Lancaster, California, United States #707485

How about you watch your back Anonymous, I'm coming for you!

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