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While driving through Ohio on I70 Eastbound yesterday (9/20/10), a Fed Ex Trucker who obviously believes he owns the road, ran me into the cones and then flipped me off. Three lanes were merging into two lanes and eventually to one lane for road construction.

So this Driver who I have pictures of decides to take up two lanes rather than allow for the orderly merging of traffic. I hate these Truckers who think the don't have to follow the rules.

This is just one *** that makes a bad name for all the courteous truck drivers....but they all should learn to be a little nicer especially when the company name is plastered all over the trailer....just no "how's my driving" phone number - guess Fed Ex doesn't care how bad their drivers are.

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1-800-GOFEDEX. file a complaint, they can contact the local truck yard. Next time, get a truck number so they can locate the driver :)

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i bet the cops care, how come no one ever calls them? if these drivers are doing this the police are the ones that should be called, fedex can do nothing after the fact.

it becomes the drivers word against yours.after a ticket is issued fedex becomes aware of it immediately. and will take the appropriate action.

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