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For the second time Fed Ex has failed to deliver a package that was both time-sensitive and extremely important. I came home after making a short trip into town this morning to find a FedEx note on the door that was time-marked within 20 minutes of when I received the note.

I immediately called customer service at the distribution center to see if they could contact the driver to have him re-attempt delivery as the item to be delivered was extremely important. I was told that the driver was "already out of the area," which was absolutely impossible since he'd only been gone from the house for 20 minutes. I spoke to a manager at the distribution center where I was told the same thing-basically that, "the driver has already attempted delivery one time, that is all we are required to do, and there's nothing i can do about it." Fed Ex does not care about customer satisfaction, does not care about doing what's necessary to do a job right, and I would not recommend using Fed Ex for any reason whatsoever. Oh...and this is the second time this kind of thing has happened.

The first time was when Tag Heuer shipped my 2K watch back using them, and they "missed" me, and also refused to reattempt delivery, even though the driver had only been missed by a few minutes. They simply do not care!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #173409

gee...did you know it was coming? and you left anyway?


When you put in your complaints do you think of anyone else? 20 min is out the the area, coming back would put the driver out 40 min at least.

And do you think other peoples packages are not just as IMPORTANT as yours? They cannot do what you're asking for everyone. And you're adding 40min to his day, which can screw him on his pickup times. Running behind 40 min can end up adding on hours to his day.

Do you think your item is more important than him getting home to his family?

Because believe me, there are people just like you EVERYDAY. You are no better than anyone else, if your item is so imperative, BE THERE on the delivery date or make other arrangements, its not rocket science.


It would probably take the driver 25 min. to get back to you and another 25 min.

to get back to where his next delivery is. So you expect that driver to waste an entire hour of his day just to get you your package. What if he did that for five people in a day? He just worked five additional hours.

Would you do that at your job? Not very cost effective is it?


Well, when we're talking about a 500.00 item that is severely affected by heat and humidity and couple that with the fact that the distribution center lied about the driver's location to avoid having to do what they are paid to do which is deliver packages....yes, and I don't consider that selfish-I consider it asking a company to do what is apparently unthinkable in today's business world....occasionally go out of their way to satisfy a customer's unique situation!


So basically you want the driver to turn around and drive 20 minutes back in the direction he just came from and risk delivering other people's packages late just because you weren't home to receive something?

Sounds pretty selfish.


Oh, man...that isn't just bad...that's despicable! I am seriously considering some sort of class action against the company-this forum alone is filled with people who have had similar experiences with FedEx.

I've already contacted the maker of the item which was to be delivered yesterday as I fear that the continued exposure to heat and humidity here in Georgia over the next two days before they even attempt re-delivery will cause damage to the item and asking him what recourse I may have with either him or FedEx to be reimbursed for the 500.00 loss of the item if it's damaged due to the heat....I'm absolutely sick of this kind of treatment and just hearing others' stories makes me even more furious. It's time FedEx was knocked from its superior "status."


FedEx is pretty bad. I live in a remote area, so I don't have a lot of neighbors.

I ordered oranges, which were shipped by FedEx. Since I live so far out, FedEx would not deliver them until they had enough packages to "Make it worth the trip" to them. By the time they got my oranges to me, they were all rotten.

I called to complain, and pretty much all they told me was "Oh well. Live closer, and you'll get things faster."

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