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I receive packages from many sources regularly. I test products by request of a third party who requisitions those products and the third party ships them to me.

Once I test them I write a review. I get packages almost daily and sometimes multiple packages. Fed Ex is the worst company to ship through by far. I've arrived home to find packages in the middle of my driveway in plain sight from the street.

Most recently on 2 occasions setting in fresh snow with snow falling and the package isn't even covered or bagged. I have 2 regular drivers come to my home, a man and a woman. Both will drop packages wherever in any weather despite the fact I have a porch. The man will at least knock on the door.

But seems he runs away as soon as he knocks. The Lady driver won't even knock so I'm left to my senses on whether a package has been delivered. Luckily I can hear noises, get up to look only to find my package laying in the snow. Even if the package could fit between the doors.

This week I received a large package (left uncovered in the snow) though the man knocked. I was able to bring it inside but didn't immediately open the box. Inside is a test product and is mostly made of particle board. And though the box appeared a little damaged seemed mostly dry.

The next day I physically opened the box which was well packaged, inside another box which also was well packaged. But clearly the box had been dropped hard on one corner. Upon removing the product from the inner carton, was found to have been crushed and badly broken. So I contacted Fed Ex first through their not so friendly web page and filed a damage claim.

Soon after I received an e-mail with a list of items they needed in order to complete the claim, which included a detailed cost, among other things only the shipper can provide. So I called Fed Ex to ask if they could turn over the claim to the shipper. I was trying to explain that this doesn't affect me monetarily but does affect the shipper who can better provide the information Fed Ex wants. I was eventually transferred to someone else and again tried to explain the situation and that I don't do business with the shipper but rather a third party and this claim needed to be turned over to the shipper as it is the shippers money involved and not mine.

Fed Ex was trying to claim the shippers confidentiality even though they are all over the package. Regardless the Fed Ex agent had a badly broken accent, grumbled something into the phone which sounded very much like an expletive and proceeded to hang up on me. This experience has put me over the top with Fed Ex. I have come to believe many companies purposely use foreigners to take customer service calls in hopes the caller will become disgusted and give up.

I'm not so easily discharged and will be following up.

Meanwhile, I will contact the third party and the middle party and ask them to avoid shipping to me through Fed Ex. I will do the same with any other shippers I might use even if I have to pay a little extra because I'm Fed Up w/ Fed Ex

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Ground Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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