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My poor father tried to send me my son's prescription medecine from the UK to Turkey. He paid for the prescription and went to the local FedEx office and explained what was in the package and they said, "No problem".

When it arrived in Turkey the customs stopped the package and demanded $300 for its release from customs plus they said that I had to go and prove that it wasn't illegal drugs with all sorts of form-filling etc.

Speak to Fedex, no help at all. Basically you're on your own, Istanbul change their mind every day about what they decide.

So we ring to say we don't want the package can you please return it to my father...what happens, they lose it.

Yeah right, it's obviously been stolen because of the high value goods inside and not one bit of help from Fedex.

So bad - never use them please!!!

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Its been 5 days a package full of leather goods from my supplier overseas has been sitting with Customs, and no response from Fedex. Fedex acts as if Customs are like gods, untouchable and unanswerable, they just say its with customs and they cannot do anything, well they need to grow a pair and find out how to deal with customs or get out of the business, how about that? as for customs, they are worthless, most useless bunch of g men, wasting peoples time and money and acting like Gestapo.


well thanks for the ignorant tag from someone who calls themself Dumba$$!! Interesting take on the situation.

Actually if you have properly read the comment in the first place you would see that the main issue is about the package going MISSING after we refused to pay the extra tax money and asked for it to be returned to sender, not about International Trade Laws. You are perfectly entitled to send prescription medecine to other countries.

So I don't think I deserve the ignorant tag anyhow. My beef was with the fact that the staff at FedEx did not advise my father properly in the first place and the only thing they could say in defense was that the RULES CHANGE DAILY IN ISTANBUL so how is that related to any kind of trade law or otherwise???

Please try to not insult me in your reply - it isn't very helpful.


well partna, you better learn some international trade laws. you cant send whatever you want freely country to country. go to the fedex website and it will clearly tell you what can be sent country to country and stop being so ignorant!


ok, but then they should at least brief all their staff and warn people before they send packages to Turkey..if it is that bad, they should use their company power and boycott dealing with Turkey. You as a company have just earned money from us dishonestly because you have said there will be no problem and there has been. It would have been alright if someone had returned the package to my father but to have it stolen is the final insult.


fedex cannot control customs agents... sorry

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