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FED up with the EXceptionally crappy service. First they lost my package, and then tried to convince me it was delivered to the right address and I should have it in my possession.

They said the driver slid fedex envelope under the door, but guess what…it was never found in my apartment!!! In addition, they suggested I check in the bushes, under mat, and so on and so forth…Well, first of all, none of the brilliant tips they gave me on how to find a fedex envelope applied to me, since I live in an apartment on the second floor, and unfortunately I do not grow bushes near my apartment door (could never figure out how to plant bushes in the wooden floor), secondly I do not think it's my job to search for something I did not lose (even though I need the contents of the envelope by certain time, and it was quite valuable)!!! I am not a PI, but I do know how to look for things – I was not that born yesterday. Now, they would never admit the problem is that the driver is not a smart one, and simply delivered it to a wrong address.

That's why they are drivers! Anyways, the package was never found (well, it was probably found by some dishonest person), and customer service is not of any help; but being a persistent person by nature, I'll call them every single day, may be even hour until they resolve the issue and reimburse me for the loss, since I had to purchase the item a second time.


Funny thing is the stories fedex is telling me trying to justify their screw up is seem so ridiculous, since I HAVE to deal with their company every day at work, and I know how things work! So please, stop trying to BS me, fedex!

Monetary Loss: $145.

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It's unbelievable that they don't care about customer service. Their website doesn't even have a link for you to inquire or complain about bad service.

Don't EVER go to the Kinko's/FedEx on Executive Center in El Paso.

They had no less than 6 people staffed, including the manager, Jimmy. Arrogant, rude, disrespectful, and LAZY!!!!

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