Gibbsboro, New Jersey

Fed X rep. called me to find out when is a good time to deliver my 'Gazebo".

Since i could not make it during the day and get off work a 3:20 the woman, with the loud voice suggested a delivery from 4-6. That would work. i could be home by 4. The just happened to arrive at 2:50 when my heart patient brother and mt step daughter were at my house.

. Totally ignoring the arrangement he had my brother help him bring the "Gazebo" into my living room. My brother could not bring it past the door, he was exhausted from carrying it from the truck. With no dolly.

My brother got it to the step and the FedeX guy who was on the outside told my brother he had it from there. He pushed the torn boxed 'Gazebo into my living room causing a 5 ft. deep scratch across my Cherry Wood Floor. I have been talking with Fed X since December 11th.

Yesterday they told me they are no liable for the damages. i asked how so, you boast about on time delivery, about how a consumer can set up the time for delivery, which i did, and how careful the drivers are. Ni I'm stuck with an 1,800.00. bill to repair my floor.

Well needless to say i am taking them to court. Who in their right mind delivers a Gazebo into a living room.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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did the fed ex guy have a key to get in?no seems like the bro wanted the gaz in the know tim people lie all the time when *** happens ASK yourself this HOW DID I GET TO THE LIVING ROOM? The brother wanted it there...


@dylan, did you not see at the very end what they said: "who in their right mind delivers a gazebo into a living room". they did not want it in their living room and if fedex would have come at 4 the person would have probably told them to keep it outside or in their garage


wow sorry about your bro but that is not fedexs problem..unless you paid for a appointment time specific stop your are out of luck I would have left that heavy piece ofshit outside we are not moving ordered it you figure out how to get it in ..sorry but thats how it is.. you knew this thing weighed a ton.. To bad i guess next time you will think about ordering heavy junk knowing we don't really care how you get it in you house!!!!

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