I did call KLIA Custom Operation, En... Actual Name not mentioned here but mentioned in my e-mail to FE Officer Malaysia) for you to refer the same for clarification.

I did understand this that Federal Express had been made wrong with over estimate on my parcel value declaration to Custom on my parcel with over estimate on my parcel value. Federal Express officer did not know that "Car Model" stated on this Federal Shipment is actually only Children Toys.Hence it has been incurred unnecessary tax paid by Federal Express Malaysia to clear my parcel from Custom.I proved that the parcel is supposing not tax at all as per paypal invoice that I sent earlier.

This is im-professional approach by Federal Express who had made mistake & now want a customer who did know this matter & ask to pay for Federal Express's mistake.

I repeat that I did call to Custom for the clarification from thousands miles of my current location.

My telephone bill is more than this 10% unnecessary tax. This is in purpose to tell you that FE is wrong & to tell my right as customer. I repeat also, where is the logic to purchase these items through internet, if to pay the total amount with that unnecessary tax exceed the amount if to purchase in Malaysia?

I must ensure my parcel must be securely arrive with safely deliver by Federal Express to my stated address.

FE has made wrong. Under justify a Customer. Do not assume around all customers are similar.

Very Dissapointed!

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