Dealing with federal express is a nightmare. This weekend they refused to leave my package at my home despite the signature release and a general release that I had previously signed with federal express.

When we called federal express, they falsely claimed to have delivered the package yesterday, on Sunday. I have had this experience with them many times where they fail to deliver even a first priority package.

When they finally delivered the package today, they demanded a signature despite the signature release. On another occasion, they damaged my package, reinserted the contents in a smaller fedex carton and claimed it was the original package.

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Customers also lie. Many times ive had them claim no attempt was made.

Management calls me, i describe the house, even the cars in the driveway.

I.E. they were sleeping and decide to blame us


Paid $50+ for overnight delivery and indicated no signature required. When Fed EX claim they tried to deliver package, nobody was at the business and they didn't leave it, stating driver has discression whether to leave or not, even though I stated on slip NO signature required.

When I called customer service, they stated they called dispatch in Houston and they would redeliver that same afternoon. When the following day it still hadn't been delivered, they claim they never said they would redeliver that previous afternoon, nothing was noted in the system. No deliveries on Saturday, so to insure delivery first thing Monday morning, they wanted to charge me an additional fee - and still no guarantee the driver would leave package, even though I instrusted leave with no signature! They were complete liars at the dispatch, and impossible to deal with.

I said what's the point of spending $50+ for overnight service, and I was told they "got" it to the destination on time, wasn't their problem nobody was there to sign for it -- even though clear instructions to leave WITHOUT signature.

Horrible customer service. Never again.

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