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I trusted Federal Express to deliver a box of personal items from my fiance who died in prison to his mother in Miami, FL. I am in Houston, TX and wanted her to have some things of sentimental value and figured the best way to do this aside from driving twelve to fourteen hours to Miami was to go with Federal Express.

Was I ever shocked and surprised to learn that not only was the package delivered to the incorrect address, the notice of a required signature was completely ignored, and the package was just left on the porch. I called Fed Ex to explain to them what had happened and was then turned over to Customer Advocacy. This person gave the impression that they can reimburse me the dollar amount of the contents of the package. There was no sympathy for my loss, personal and material, or any apology offered, only to just throw some cash at the problem.

I had to ask the Customer Advocate if it is their policy to handle business in this manner and to also question the intelligence and integrity of the drivers who carelessy just drop packages anywhere because they are too lazy or distracted to do their job. Do you think anyone there had the resourcefulness to find the address and ask the residents if they saw the package, sent it back to Fed Ex, sent it to the post office, or even if they threw it away? I have about as much faith in Federal Express as I do in a condom with a hole in it. Still very hut by the loss of personal items and still very annoyed.

This puts a whole new spin on the term "going postal".

Next time trust your local post office or give UPS your business.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #47412

Why is your fiancee in jail?


haha, trust the local post office. the post office ships their packages through fedex.

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