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When delivering an ordered Canon DSL camera and lense ($1,000 value), the FEDERAL EXPRESS delivery person left the camera package at the front door of a neighbor's house...a neighbor whose address is on a different street! She is a snowbird so she was gone from her home (and not there to check for deliveries).

Had I not been aggressive in contacting FED-EX to see where my camera was and had I not checked her front porch I would have never gotten my camera. Thank goodness I live in a gated community and have great neighbors! When I called the Madison AL FED-EX office they offered no explanation, no plan to chastise the delivery person, nothing beyond a "prefunctory - I'm sorry". Attempts to talk to a supervisor were thwarted by the employee who took my call and no supervisor called me back when I left my insistent message and phone number with that employee.

This happened a while ago but after seeing the FED-EX delivery guy on YouTube thrown a customer's computer monitor package over a fence and leave, never attempting to deliver it to the home where the customer was waiting delivery with their front door wide open...I decided to share my experience. I'm a retired banker and stockbroker. The ONLY thing a service company has to offer that sets them apart from their competitors is GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Clearly FED-EX does not know what this is. Shame on FED-EX!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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