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I recently ordered 2 items from play-asia, 2 games to be exact, their value came to around £110.

So seeing as I had decided to fork out that much for 2 games I thought I may as well pay out a little more to get the item to me quickly, so I opted to choose for FedEx (1-3 day delivery service), this cost an extra £10 (the package was under 1Kg) and I wasn't too bothered by that seeing as it could arrive very quick and I could have my items to play with.

play-asia mentioned nothing about ANY additional charges when using FedEx and neither did FedEx in the invoice they sent me, they just said it would total to £124 total with the £10 shipping charges (It was converted from USD)

I has tracking so I checked on it's location every couple of hours or so to see if it was coming my way, within the first day it was within my country and at a depot 200 miles away, so I thought there was a good chance it could arrive the next day, when I awoke the next morning the package was now 500 miles away, finally the item arrived on the 9nth working day, this is VERY poor as I specifically paid extra to get my item within a few days and booked some of my holidays off so I could stay at home and get my items instead of being at work, but as it took longer than the few days I booked off this immediateness pissed me off as it was just wasting my holidays.

So when the item finally arrived I begrudgingly signed for it, waved the guy off and proceeded to open my parcel, everything was fine within so I was ok there.

2 weeks later I got a letter from FedEx containing an invoice of them demanding £50 for the importation and handling of my items, there was no way in *** I was willing to pay this but I read through all of the information they had sent with it, they require you to make an account just to pay for the item, the worst that they can do is shut down your FedEx account if you do not pay them.

They will constantly send you invoices until you do pay them, I have searched around and many others also have had this problem with FedEx's extreme charges and they just send a letter back saying the person they are trying to contact no longer lives at the address.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Seems like there were a couple others, but I can't remember them. Was this answer helpful?

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