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During the past year, I have had several FedEx orders, both Express & Ground Service, delayed due to "can not locate recipient".

This seems to be a catch all phrase for FedEx when, for whatever reason, an order has gone astray, has been lost, or when there is simply not enough cargo to warrant a delivery, to a certain area, until additional items can be added on board the delivery vehicle.

I have been advising all shippers, that I do business with, "Not Ship to Me using FedEx" and I likewise, NEVER use FedEX for my own deliveries.

I have found their service is highly over-rated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #4570

I just retired from express. All I can offer is my wish that customers would make their concerns known in the strongest terms, refunds.

I could tell many a story of managements complete disregard for our customers. FedEx is changing.

If the customers notice and react, it might get back to the company that we all knew a few years ago.

I used to think "FEDUP" was just a late night TV joke. Its now real for both employees and customers alike.

Allen Park, Michigan, United States #3263

I too have problems with Fed-Ex. . .Actually, as I speak, I am unsure what is going on with a $500.00 item I am waiting for??? I called Fed-Ex yesterday, to see if I could just arrange to "pickup" the pkg from their center. . .I was told that the center is about 30 miles away from where I live. . .Now, that wouldn;t be so bad if I lived in the middle of nowhere. . .but I live in Minneapolis, MN!! Why on earth would they have their ground shipping Hub located that far outside of a major metro area??? Anyway, I told the guy yesterday to forget about having it held. . .and I would just try to get home from work beofre it was delivered. . .so I leave work early. . .and wait. . .finally, arounf 7pm I call Fed-Ex again. . .I am told that my Pkg is scheduled to be sent to the Ground pick-up location. . .I said "WHAT!?!?!?" i told that *** not to do that!! So. I said fine. . .I'll just have toleave work a little early AGAIN. . .because this center is only open Mon-Fri 8-5pm!!! WHoever heard of those kind of hours for a pickup location. . .the whole resaon you would have to pick it up is beacuse you areprobably at work!?!?!?

Anyway, so I call today. . .to verify that the Pkg is in fact out there before Imake the trek. . .and Iam now told that the Pkg isout for delivery with the driver!!??? WTF is going on with this company. . .They are so *** incompetent that it almost makes me want to laugh. . .but I am acutally pretty angry. . .The guy I talked to last even said to me. . ."Not to be rude". . .but if you are constatnly changing your mind. . .it is no wonder that there are issues. . .I litterally felt like jumping through the phone and pounding the *** out of this guy. . .

I will never use Fed-Ex again. . .and I will never buy from a compnay that uses Fed-Ex again.. . .I just hope that I even get this pkg. . .from the way it seems to be going. . .I doubt it. . !!

Boaz, Alabama, United States #1554

I can beat you on this one--- intl shipment was left by FedEx Trade Network (fedex's broker) in Newark Customs for a week because they insisted the receiver required a permit from the ATF to get a gift of wine!! Oh yeah gets better they cleared customs and when they delivered the box IT WAS EMPTY!!!

THEY DELIVERED AN EMPTY BOX. And if you are not laughing hard enough, the creme de la creme, their Senior Legal guy thinks they did a "stellar job". He offered my boss $$ to drop it; the offer was refused my boss wants fedex to have to answer for its thieving employees.

We won't use fedex again. :grin

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