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I have been living at the same address for the better part of 10 years (in an apartment) and out of all the delivery services that deliver to me a few times a week fed ex is by far the slowest , not because they take long to get the package here but because they don't leave it here , I work from home and am here all day during buissness hours and rarely leave in the day on week days , yet they do not ring the buzzer in which my name is the second one on the list so they cant be to dumb to find it , and do not bring it to my apt door as my desk is an arm length from the door and would know if someone was knocking on it they just walk up with tags for the window in hand when they are behind and stick it on the door and walk away , like most apt we have buzzer cams and after 10 years of living here I have known our residential managers well enough to ask for a quick look at the some of the times written on the tags and sure enough I see no one walk over to the buzzer and look for my name and no attempt to gain entry and bring it to my apartment on the first attempt , I don't know if there is a reason they would want to fail delivery on the first attempt every time but they do , if the package has a buzz code on it and my name is in the directory next to the button to buzz up and they don't go with in 5 feet of it there is no excuse and again if they have the tag written up in hand when they come up its pretty clear they have no intention of making the attempt, before anyone comments suggesting I seek delivery from a better company I unfortunately deal with dozens of people and manufactures for assembly and they choose how they send me their goods so I'm stuck with what ever they do , but I do make more money the faster I get this stuff fixed and sent back out and the senders can see when it arrives in Winnipeg to me and blame me for any delay in shipping and most cases I can have my job done and the product ready to return the following morning , so when fed ex adds and extra day to two days to the delivery time it makes it look like I'm taking two days to do my job when its only a few hours work for me this reflects badly on my commission and on future buissness for me giving me less work and less shipments coming to me so less deliveries for fed ex but the best they can do is every single time tell me to drive across town and pick it up my self after 6 when I should already be done with it and finished my work for the day not just starting or they will make sure tomorrow they will try harder , not next weeks delivery or the week after but just tomorrows the future ones I'll have to deal with one phone call at the time

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