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I urge you don't ship something urgent using FedEx! I paid $60.30 for shipping Power of Attorney on the Dec.20, 2010. Canada Post employee told me that FedEx will deliver on Dec 23, 6 PM. When on the next day I checked tracking on FedEx website I was amazed. Delivery date was Dec 30.

Guys, are kidding me. Expedited services is 10 days...

Also it was a money back guarantee if not delivered on De 23

Never never will use FedEx and will recommend to ignore this company to all who I know and don't know.

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I got an invoice sent to my house saying that FedEx didn't recieve payment on my shipment I sent from their store! The invoice was for $65.

$35 of which was for shipping "dangerous goods". I shipped a T-Shirt. Also $10 for "No Billing Account" charge.

It took me a week to resolve these issues.

Don't ship via FedEx

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