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Deliver on time? Are you kidding?

i PAID for a PRIORITY 10:30 AM delivery, it never got there until 12:58 PM..and the recepiant already feft for the day!!! I called there toll free number many times, FORGET IT, Their answers are scripted and they couldn't even talk to anyone in that area of the country or an office to find out what happened.

Told me that they will deliver next day (today) by 10:30 AM, well, here it is, it's 10:00 AM, no delivery yet, they have 30 minutes.... We'll see what happens.......

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fedex delivery driver deliver my package to wrong address, package was open, went to the head office in jamaica to lodge complaint, told that manager wasnt in and i should leave my contact number and he would get back to me before the day was out, 3 days later still no call from manager, went bask to office same story only that this time contact was made with manager over the phone who put driver on the line, driver insist that he made delivery to correct address however after pointing out to him that wasnt so, he claims that the lady he gave it to said i live there (at #4 where he left the package although my address is written as #2 on the package), driver promise to come by my address to sort things out, call driver at 5:15pm said he would be there by 6:30pm, day is now finish and no driver seen or heard off. Throughout all this fedex workers acted as if i owe them something, not even an appology for their mix up, bank card was in package had to contact the bank to cancel card and now at the inconvience of no bank card all because of fedex driver *** mistake

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