Fedex drves by my house too fast. Some times they scare my chickens and thy won't lay eggs.

and some times they honk at my dog when he is in the road and it make him bark. i like to sleep in and it *** me off to wake up. they need to slow down befor they run over my dog ore worse....one of my chickens. i need eegs for my toast in the morning.

that is all i have to say. but i need more words they say.

fedex drives to fast by my house. some times they scare my chickens and they wont lay eggs.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Keep your dog off the road. If he gets hit it is YOUR fault!


If i see your dog say bye bye to him,,..


Get your dog off the road!


i think the fedex truck should run YOU over instead!

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