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I bought a 24 inch computer moniter on line and the fed ex person broke it and then the second incident i boght a hond clone engine and when they delivered it the fly wheel was damaged and carberater was damamed in shipping. Fedex is the most *** deliverin company out there.

i have had othere deliverys with UPS and by mail and never a problem so my advice never use FedEx. I never had problems with UPS. But Always fedex , dso for now on i dont order from senders usen fedex.

so do yall a faver and dont bye stuff from users that use Fedex. Yours Truely PISSED CUSTOMER!!!

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if something get's damaged, it's the senders fault for not packaging it properly. And fedex doesn't even freight motors, so you fail again. Plus motors come on a pallet, it's not like they dropped your motor while picking it up and carrying it from the truck.

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