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I ordered 5 items from walmart.com came to be four box's. 1 from tx where I live 1 from Calif and 2 from ny.

I ordered last Thursday. As of yesterday I was told the 1 from tx still was not picked up by fedex so I called they told me to call walmart they had not released it yet. Walmart overnight a replacement and today the fedex box came that the said they did not have. So I had to wait all day for ups to come to refuse the replacement so I would not get charged for getting 2.

Also the 1 from Calif came today. It took the same amount of time to get 1 from Calif to tx as the 1 from tx to tx. While the other 2 are still in ny after 5 days. 1 got to sorting facility on sat in ny other got to fedex office on Fri.

It's ground shipping due to come in Thursday from ny to tx that's a long way.

It's for my young sons bday Friday I paid extra to get it Thursday. Does not look like they are gonna make it in time I'm so mad.

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Leadville, Colorado, United States #939206

Fedex is a total nightmare! You're not alone in having HORRIBLE issues with them!

I hate them! It's not Walmart, it's not the products companies that you ordered, its 100% Fedex!

Sorry! Lets tell everyone to avoid Fedex like the plague!!!

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