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I bought an inverter from Toboa ENERGY. Made in America.

The best, it took me a month of research to find an American made inverter. I need the inverter to run my computer. While I drive. I am delivering for Instacart.I want to learn programming while I drive.

And also audition for movies and write scripts. I have a killer script, and maybe I will become rich and famous while I'm delivering bananas. It could happen. My big dreams are riding on that inverter.

I wait and track the package. It shows delivered to the post office and to my P.O. Box. .

I have had many packages delivered there. FedEx is delivering there every day. I'm sure millions of packages are delivered to post offices. FedEx tracking showed my inverter was delivered.M Michael signed for the package.

The post office checked for an employee with that name. The post office couldn't find it. I call FedEx and find that the driver signed for the package. I told the rep at FedEx that I believe that their driver stole my package.

The FedEx rep told me not to worry, just have your shipper file a reimbursement. So John at TOBOA energy filed. We wait, and then we receive this letter (see below). FedEx said the reason our claim was rejected was because FedEx does not deliver to P.O.

Boxes? Really? FedEx has turned into a corrupt organization. This how bad it is.

A couple of weeks ago I lost my ATT I-phone. Sent me a new phone through FedEx. We tracked the package and realized that FedEx had the wrong address. I called FedEx I said contact the driver and tell him the right address.

FedEx xxx said our newCOVID-19D policy is that we cannot contact the driver and the driver cannot ask for the recipient for I'd. What? I said that address does not exist! You're going to let the driver steal my $800 phone?

YES! ATT graciously sent a new phone.

I believe the word is out amongst FedEx drivers.

User's recommendation: Don’t use Fed ex for anything of value!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Standard Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $722.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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