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Moved to FL, FedEx shipment refused in FL. Not by the recipient or me. Take them to Court?

Before I moved here to FL from MA a week ago, I shipped my PC out via FedEx. it's 2 packages and put the recipient's name under my grandmother's because the address change I assumed wouldn't take into effect yet. I lose my tracking number during the flight to FL from MA and couldn't keep track of the package online. After 3-4 days of the package not arriving, I call Fed Ex

Turns out, by the time I called, the package was being sent back to MA because of a refusal????????????. I panicked and asked if they can stop it and send it back because myself nor my grandmother even saw a delivery man or package to even refuse it. After calling the next 2 days, they gave me info on who refused the package. The details of the person who refused MY packages they gave me did not match myself or my grandmother. The order form even states that a signature is required for the delivery. Was there one needed for a refusal? Some random walking down the st. or someone wandering our yard can refuse it even if they have a medical condition and don't even know what's going on or what day it is? Details matched the lady who lives in a small trailer home that was NOT my grandmother's address. I don't know why they just didn't hold onto it at the FL office for a few days instead of SENDING IT STRAIGHT TO MA even if the refusal was 100% questionable.

They took down note after note all mainly stating that the package HAS TO BE SENT BACK to FL. where my new address is. and they kept telling me to call back the next day. So I called yesterday and someone told me the package was coming back and will reach FL tomorrow, so call back tomorrow once again. I was excited! and couldn't believe they did what I requested!

Now here's where I am today, I gave them a call asking when its going to be sent out for delivery at the FL address, and they responded with the packages are being delivered right now, but at the MA address. I told them that the day before I called, and someone said it was coming back and reaching FL today, but they said, nope, MA address right now. Just a huge mix up and now my packages are at my old home where I no longer live anymore. I asked them to not deliver it and send it to the nearest FedEx office.

Tomorrow, they're going to call back and I'm assuming they want another 90-100 bucks to ship my stuff back to FL when it was clearly a refusal error. Nothing's made any sense and my grandmother wants to take them to court if they're going to charge me again for a mistake THEY made. Her name was on the receiver's end of the package, mine was on the sender's. What do we do?

Additional Details

Well, the order form I have has a check mark that said it required a direct signature. They didn't ask for a signature I don't think. If they did, it would of been incorrect. I have word from myself, and grandmother that we weren't even home at the time this happened. The lady in the trailer might be able to recall refusing the order and know it was a mistake if we asked her since we already questioned her about it after it happened. The description of the person who refused it they gave me does not match anyone who lives at the address, and it didn't match anyone's name on the package. Person has nothing to do with all of this and they were able to refuse it. Ridiculous! I guarantee you it was 100% a mistake on their end. No reason for them to send it back to MA where I don't even live anymore. The only way I could retrieve my stuff is if I spend another 150-200 dollars on a flight ticket back at this point.

Edit: The first few calls while it was being sent back and even talking to one of their agents after being transferred from a rep. apologized that it was their fault on their end. They also said things like they'll do whatever they can to make sure it gets stopped and sent right back! That gave me a lot of hope and I was for certain that they were going to find and send it back. Again, yesterday's rep even told me It was coming back and landing in FL! is the location of my packages a mystery now? over 500 dollars worth of stuff in them. However, the more I called, it sounded less and less their fault, now it's in MA and they're just starting to sound like they'll be another full fee and "its not their fault the order was refused by

someone who doesn't live at the address" kind of thing.

Timeline: Lost tracking # on Fri. Package comes Wed. Wasn't home. Also was refused by the lady in the trailer who suffers from memory and knowing what time of day it is issues. Called the next days. "Hey, we're completely sorry for accidentally refusing it, it's completely our fault.""Sorry, the package is in the truck ready to be sent back to MA, we don't know if we can stop it, but we'll try!." "The package wasn't stopped on the truck, so we're going to try and catch it in transit." "We're so sorry this happened, but once we get a hold of it, we WILL send it RIGHT BACK even if it lands right at the local fedex place in MA" "Oh.. It landed in MA and will be out for delivery once it gets there. We will send it back as soon as we get a hold of it!!.." a few days later."HEY the package is in Ocala, FL. Call back tomorrow to see if it's out for delivery!" "YEAH ITS FOR DELIVERY BUT IT'S GOING TO THE ADDRESS YOU MOVED OUT OF IN MA. HAHAHA" "SORRY THIS IS YOUR FAULT NOW, NOT FEDEX'S FAULT" "WE will stop it from delivering it to your address you moved from, then bring it to a fedex office nearby, BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY THE ENTIRE 90 DOLLARS ALL OVER AGAIN SINCE ITS YOUR FAULT IT WAS REFUSED." BASICALLY whats happening here. It makes no sense at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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