Two months ago, I received a call from FedEx security in Toronto, ON (a city I have never visited). I was asked if I had deposited 7 envelopes for shipping? In a word, no. I thought that the matter was then taken care of. I could not have been more wrong!

My account was stolen and I was treated like the criminal. I continued to receive invoices and robot calls demanding payment. During more than a dozen exhausting phone calls to 'human beings' at FedEx I discovered:

(1) the different divisions, like Revenue and Investigations, do not communicate with each other and cannot read the other's notes about a conversation;

(2) many employees, against regulations, take no notes and are never disciplined for it;

(3) there is no uniform training, as every employee passes the buck when you inform them that another told you differently;

(4) if someone does call you back they use a 'Private' number (which my phone is set not to answer) and they 'do not have the capability' to use *64.

Today I was assured, yet again, that the matter is taken care of. Yeah, right .... How can one company hire so many idiots when there are many good, intelligent people out of work?!?

FedEx belongs in the special circle of *** reserved for AT&T, Enron, and the like.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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