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Everything started after I decided to sell my Apple MacBook Pro (late 2013 model) to a friend. We agreed that she would pay me for my barely used one $3,000.00

Since we both don't live that close, we agreed that I will send it to her as a FedEx Express COD package, so she would get the MacBook and I would get the money order.

So on Tuesday 12/17/2013 I tendered the package to a FedEx Office in Downtown LA. The value was correct declared, the label was clearly visible and no one could tell that the content is a MacBook Pro (see picture 1).

The package was supposed to get delivered on Friday 12/20/2013 but it never arrived (see picture 2).

I called several times the customer service and they told me I should be patient. Okay I sent it during the holidays, delays can happen. I was assured that it would get delivered on Monday 12/23/2013. I had no worries.

On Monday 12/23/2013 it got, guess what, of course, not delivered.

So I called in again on Tuesday 12/24/2013. Since the package wasn't scanned since Thursday the week before I asked to connect me to the responsible FedEx location. The location manager assured me that the package is out for delivery but unfortunately the courier forgot to scan the package on his tour earlier this day but it would get delivered for sure.

Again nothing happened and Christmas passed by. After no new tracking scans nor delivery attempts I decided to file a lost package claim on Friday 12/27/2013 via email and also sent it in written form using good old USPS (see pictures 3 & 4). In case FedEx is reading this I'm talking about claim no 1227118326.

My friend was tired of waiting and bought another MacBook Pro somewhere else.

Now the waiting game started. FedEx says on their website they usually resolve every claim within 5-7 business days.

Unfortunately not my claim. So I called again the customer service and every time I got told to be patient and someone would call me back the next business day. First of all, I never received a call and after I called in (again) they told me the same thing like the day before (be patient and wait for our callback).

It's now over three weeks since I filed the claim and still no resolution. Apparently the claim is now under review by the cargo claims management. It seems FedEx tries to sit the situation out.

In the meantime my life goes more than south since I can't pay my bills anymore. I spent New Years Eve alone at home instead of going on a planned short trip with friends. I can't pay my utility bills. I'm going to lose my job since my car broke down and I can't pay either the repairs nor a rental car.

The only thing I'm asking for is finally a resolution of the claim or my MacBook Pro back.

I would sue FedEx in Small Claims Court but a) I don't have the money for it right now and b) how can I survive until the court date (it can take a little while in LA)?

If the package is lying in a corner of some facility just deliver it back to me!

I am more than PISSED! FedEx, just get your stuff together. If the MacBook was stolen it will NOT magically re-appear after more than a month. Just pay me. Period.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1278871

How is a macbook pro worth $3000, Most expensive one fully loaded is only $2500 at Bestbuy and that's the top of the line one. The avergae macbook pro is only about $1200


curious about what ever happened with this claim??

to Anonymous #886117

Okay what happened:

1. I had to file for small claims court (court date was then set 3 month in the future)


Won small claims case got awarded my $3000

3. FedEx waits 27 (!) days to file an appeal (they had 30 days to appeal after the original judgement); 2. court date is set another 30 days in the future


FedEx lost appeal

5. FedEx than claims they would need another 3-4 weeks to cut me a check; So I had to send the sheriffs department to perform a till tap

to hdusing Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #938871

If you don't get a check from FedEx but you won the claim in small court, I know a person who has similar case against FedEx who refuse to pay after he won the claim in court, but he was able to contact local sheriff office (file a paper work for $50) and have them impound FedEx truck sitting out in the street. Initially, FE claim they will send out a check within a week, and the sheriff dept told them that they will held the truck until this person received and cashed the check. That sure got FedEx's attention, they send out a driver and pay cash plus filing fee immediately that same day.

Titusville, Florida, United States #780749

Yeah I fail to see how the lack of sale from one computer results in you being unable to pay your utility bills or repair your car. If the sale was to make back some of the money you shouldn't have spent in the first place on the computer again that is not FedEx's problem.

to Anonymous Utah, United States #880372

What does it matter if he was selling it to get back money he shouldn't have spent. That isn't the issue.

The issue is that FedEx lost his package.

whether or not he should have spent the money on the notebook doesn't have anything to do with whether or not FedEx should reimburse him for it.

It was insured.

If you can't get reimbursed when you insure something then insuring your packages is a waste of money.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #780582

You know, its ok to make mistakes once in a while with the size of that company. but there 1400+ complaints here about CUSTOMER SERVICE. these people are lacking in that area with all the money they take from us, the S O B's need to at least be courteous and that tells you who runs FEDEX is just a bunch of truck drivers with all respect to truck drivers..they know how to drive trucks and they are paid for that but these guys are paid millions to drive a company that is making money anyway cause we all assume its the only American company or delivery company for international and domestic..when we start using DHL and other then they will start to hurt and pay attention to CUSTOMER SERVICE

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #775491

So, you are blaming FedEx because you do not have any money to live on because your sole source of income is from the sale of a computer? You need to re-evaluate your financial affairs to include a job like normal people. Don't blame FedEx for your failure as a financial guru.

to nikalseyn Los Angeles, California, United States #775500

No, I blame FedEx for a very bad customer service and no communication with me as a customer.

I work hard for my money and have no problem managing my financial affairs but due exceptional private circumstances I need this money and FedEx just tries to sit it out.

No offense nikalseyn but it's not helpful to blame me as the one with the financial loss.

to hdusing Houston, Texas, United States #775634

Ad how is it helpful to blame Fed-Ex because your whole net worth is wrapped up in a computer?

to MikeBrady Utah, United States #880374

Wow. Do you people work for FedEx? What does any of that have to do with the fact that FedEx lost his package and FedEx sucks?

to hdusing Ansonia, Connecticut, United States #945157

Drives me crazy when the person being screwed is some how being made to feel at fault. It's no ones business why he needs the money he was depending on it.

FedEx is to blame, he used due diligence.

These big companies try to push the little guys around and that's wrong. Another thing most people are living paycheck to paycheck and one small thing happens and your beat.

to nikalseyn Atlanta, Georgia, United States #780583

nika, you are an ***..go watch and jack off

to nikalseyn Atlanta, Georgia, United States #780584


to nikalseyn Utah, United States #880373

Are you on here to make moral judgments of how people live their lives? You need to find a better hobby!

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