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FedEx must be trying to win an award for the worsted company ever.In my opinion they are the winner, ups doesn't even come close, they are actually very good.

I was expecting a package delivered by FedEx today, of course I knew that they would not deliver it and sure enough the tracking said " Cannot locate recipient". Don't these delivery people know how to Google an address? Also I asked the sender to put my phone number on package as I said I had a LOT of trouble with FedEx. I know they all must have cell phones, personal or company.

I have this problem with them every time someone I buy from uses them. If UPS tracking says it is out for delivery by golly I know that I will receive it and not two or three days from now.

FedEx employes just don't give a rats behind about the customers that give them a job!I really try NOT to buy from company's that use FedEx, but sometimes I just have to get packages from them.

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I agree!FedEx is the worst delivery company out there.

My package was shipped on 09/05. The tracker says it has been on the truck out for delivery since 09/11. Today is 09/15 and it is still not here. My package is coming from Home Depot.

They split my order and shipped all three items on 09/05.

The other 2 were shipped via UPS and they arrived after just a few days.FedEx needs to be put out of business.

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