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Fedex agreed to ship a medical shipment for my son who needs it to stay alive. We waited for the delivery before setting off- thankfully. We knew that the foreign country customs looks for bribes and explained that this was a humanitarian shipment and that it was not an import and for personal use We sent doctors letters and had other people over there to help). We shipped with FEDEX on the understanding that no import duties would be applied and if they were then to ditch the shipment.

In stead the local Thai Fedex guy negotiated a 1000% import duty and applied it to my account automatically. I complained but was told that a little box the pick-up guy had insisted I tick meant I was liable for all and any charges the company negotiates along the way. I insisted this was not the arrangement but the UK staff were ignorant and loutish in the extreme and saying they had got me.

I cancelled my account and my credit card and have refused to pay them a penny. It seems FEDEX has unsafe arrangements overseas and has an open account with customs and they take from there what they want and then Fedex bill across to you. This guarantees that you pay many times over the odds for any shipment.

I strongly advise everyone to avoid FEDEX like the black death when it comes to overseas shipments unless you are a big company with good lawyers. They don't give a dam and are quite smug about ripping you off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Account.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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