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I do wish fewer merchants used FedEx, I have learned to dread their 'service'. Whilst I can understand that occasionally delays happen, what is so very insulting is the way FedEx Customer Service staff think it's perfectly OK to lie to their customers. When tracking details show that a package is on a van and out for delivery, on the expected date of arrival, it should be clear that the goods will indeed be delivered. More than half the time, this is not the case with FedEx and as a result I have lost so many precious days off work waiting for them to turn up. Generally, by mid afternoon I am on the phone to them demanding to know where the package is, and almost without exception I am told the delays are caused by 'adverse weather'. To insult somebody's intelligence in this way is reprehensible, yet they do manage to keep a straight face when they say it. I've been told that the same package was delayed by fog at Shanghai and again at Khasaksthan (not part of its route, incidentally) and most lately, delayed by torrential rains (on very clear days) in my own postcode area - rains which indeed prohibited their driver from drivng his van. They seem to care so little about the extent to which they inconvenience their customers. Avoid at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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