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I purchased a fairly expensive computer component at a reputable online retailer, and they shipped it from their warehouse 25 miles from my house via Fedex ground home delivery.

Tracking showed that Fedex received the package and it was in transit the day I placed the order (I ordered very early in the morning). Later that night, it arrived in a city about 6 miles away from me.

From previous experience, any other shipping company would have had the package, from 25 miles away via ground shipping, at my house within one or two business days - even UPS (although the package might be mangled by UPS, it would still be there).

Fedex showed the package was out for delivery the next day. I work at home, so I'm there all day. At 1 PM, the tracking status updated to, "Delivery exception...Customer not available or business closed."

Now, I was home all day, and I know for a fact no attempt was made to deliver the package. I read online that "Delivery exception" could also happen if the driver runs out of time (at 1 PM?) and can't deliver the package, so they reschedule for the next day. I gave Fedex the benefit of the doubt.

The next day, the same thing happens. At noon, I get a Delivery Exception, despite being at home. Again, I know that no attempt was made to deliver the package.

I contact Fedex customer support querying about the situation and the exact reason for the delivery exception. I emphasized that I was home at the time of the "attempted" delivery, and I receive this response in return:

"Thank you for contacting FedEx. We regret any inconvenience you experienced as a result of this situation.

According to our records, we attempted to deliver your package on:

- June 8, 2011 at 1:17 PM

- June 9, 2011 at 12:11 PM

But no one was available to sign for this shipment. If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, either to a commercial or residential address, we will make two additional attempts to deliver on the following two consecutive business days, for a total of three delivery attempts. The next delivery attempt is scheduled on June 10, 2011, by the end of day.

Please be advised that if a third delivery attempt has been made, you have an option to pickup your package at our station. We will hold your shipment for five days before it is sent back to your shipper.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for shipping with FedEx."

So now, it's obvious that their CSRs are inept and negligent as well. They completely ignored the part of my email which stated that I was home on both days and sent me a cut-and-paste generic reply that contained no new information that could help me with anything.

So now, the third day, my package is out on a truck for delivery again. I wait at home, and a Fedex truck arrives, and delivers me a package, but it's not the one I was waiting for. The package I received was shipped to me overnight air from an Ebay seller. This is the Fedex that I've had such great experiences with before. Unfortunately, I would not have any more dealings with this Fedex for a while. Instead, I'd get the "other" Fedex.

I wait some more, then, at approximately 1 PM, I receive a tracking update that my package has been delivered and left at the front door. I didn't hear a truck come by, but I thought maybe they used a van. I checked the front door, and nothing... No package.

I go back to the tracking website. Remember, this is at 1 PM. I go to the tracking website, and the tracking update says the package was delivered at 4:08 PM local time - IN THE FUTURE!

I email Fedex customer support again, and they insist that the package was delivered, despite the time discrepancy. When I tell them it wasn't, they ask for information I couldn't possibly know, such as sender's address and package description (don't know the sender's address or how the item was shipped if I haven't seen the box).

I emailed them indicating that the online retailer would be filing a claim on my behalf, but still I provided them with whatever information I had. They reply that they will call if anything develops.

Four days later, I receive a call. It turns out that, despite insisting that they delivered it and left it at my front door, the package was found at their shipment facility and was being held because they, "could not deliver it due to no one being home to receive it."

They said it was available for pickup. In other words, they told me that if I would like to get my package with my property in it - the one I paid to have shipped TO MY HOME - that I would have to take a day off of school and work and drive 25 miles (which is more like 50 miles in SoCal traffic) each way to pick it up.

Luckily, the online retailer was extremely helpful and they sent a replacement at no charge. I will be leaving the original shipment at the holding facility to be returned to sender.

This whole experience has been complete BS, and I feel that everyone at Fedex has lied to me, or has gone as far as insinuating that I lied to them.

I have been an online seller and buyer for years, and thus I have a very good working knowledge of which carriers are good, and which are bad. I always thought that UPS was the worst carrier, but Fedex has proven me wrong. Don't get me wrong. I have had great experiences with Fedex before, and I've had bad experiences with UPS, but Fedex, when they are bad, they are HORRIBLE! My worst UPS experience doesn't come close to this.

Given a choice, I will be taking my business somewhere other than Fedex, and I hope that anyone reading this will do so as well. Don't say that you weren't warned.

Monetary Loss: $178.

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San Diego, California, United States #1228439

I had an experience with FedEx where the driver was too lazy to come to my front door, and instead left a tag on the rear gate of my property. The rear gate exits into an alley, where I assume he drove up in his trunk or van, and could park closer.

The front door would have been a longer walk. I was home at the time of the delivery, but never heard him at the gate. Even if he yelled, I never would have heard him. I had to write a note to post on the gate to tell the *** to please come to the front door, but by then it was Monday and I wasn't at home because I had to go to work.

Eventually had to drive to a FedEx office to pick the package up myself. So much for FedEx door-to-door delivery.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1223329

I ordered an item, 2 weeks later, still hasn't arrive. I follow the Tracking, and it has come to my building 4 times!!

Then a Delivery Exception! Then it goes to Ohio, then it comes back to Indy where they still fail to deliver the package!!

Its crazy.

I ended up going to a brick and mortar store and bought the item I needed. Took about 45 minutes, go figure.


*** FedEx. Will never use them again, bunch of lazy ***.


you must live in Baton Rouge as this is an every other package occurrence with all major delivery services, UPS, FEDEX, DHL and the USPS. You are lucky if they only lose 1 in 5 of your packages.


I ordered something from a reputable retailer. FedEx delivers it my son sees the truck but is busy.

a moment (like a minute) later the truck leaves. the driver came to my down my driveway saw my dog and completely left with no sign that he was there. I called FedEx they tell me if they see dogs they don't have to leave the car to deliver the package. WTF.

Most people in America own dogs and have them be outdoor dogs. I've never seen a shipping company do this.

USPS and UPS if the have to deliver a package to my door they get out and deliver the package. If they are afraid of the dogs they honk the horn to let me know that they are there.


this just happened to me, driver lied said they came here but I was home all day no driver came by they do not care, filed a claim but ruled since driver is sure I am wrong um ok..

Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia #688895

who will pay returning to seller

Mountain View, Arkansas, United States #649371
Same thing sort of happened to me. Back when I was on infertility medication I had to have it overnighted to make sure it got there in time for me to begin treatment. Infertility treatments are very strict. You have specific times for specific medications and if you miss that first day in most situations you lose that cycle and have to start all over again. I spent a month prepping for an IVF cycle and paid 50.00 to overnight my medication as usual. The next day it didn't come so I called FedEx who told me no one was at the business to receive the package. I was like WTH its suppose to come to my house.

So the lady on the phone looks it up and says it was sent to the wrong address which was my husband's work address. We had had things sent there before and they got the addresses confused. I asked the lady to please apply my home address. She assured me it would be there. So the next day guess what? Yep no package. I was so upset. I had spent a month prepping for my fertility shots and this was the day I had to start them and I had not recieved the medication. Again I called FedEx who told me once again they delivered to the wrong address and no one was there. I told her the situation and demanded a refund for the overnight shipping. The girl said well we tried to redeliver it for you because we knew it was medication but no one was at the address. I told her the other girl was suppose to send it to my home address since FedEx was the one who confused the two to start with.

Long story short I got my refund but missed my cycle. UPS isn't much better. The driver knows my husband and delivers all my packages to his office because he says its more convenient and he doesn't like our drive way. I managed to get that fixed for one or two deliveries but they started dropping them at his office again so it didn't do any good to complain to them. For anyone who doesnt know you can get FedEx to reimburse the shipping if its their fault. They didn't even argue with me but I was pretty pissed at the time too :zzz
North York, Ontario, Canada #629197

The same thing is happening to me. No one ever even came close to trying to deliver my package and were completely useless in helping me to help them to deliver it. Does anyone know how to open a lawsuit against them?

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #602753
I suffer a same thing with you. I miss the first attempt.

I stay at home a whole day for the second attempt but nothing comes. The information changes to customer not available or business closed. It is friday!!!

I plan to pick up my package by myself before the third attempt cause I know no third attempt will be made!! :(
Buffalo, New York, United States #583018
Fedex sucks the big one!
I actually got my package though...they left it outside my garage door in the pouring rain all day...Not happy Jan :(
The thing that showed how *** up they are though is that the POD says 'left with dog'....It would almost be funny if my dog had been out, but she's in the house behind closed windows and locked doors. And if she'd been out I could see him saying he chucked it at the house and ran....but seriously,'left with dog'?
*** up way to do your job....
get your doorbells to work or,you don't have a # clearly visible not painted over, missing #s i dogs running around no wonder I didn't deliver..apts forget it nobody is ever home just go to the terminal to get you junk..you can control how you get your *** ..ever hear of a STORE???and now that you complained good luck ever getting anything,,HA HA HA :grin :grin :grin

Said my $300+ item was delivered and "on my front porch", IT WAS NOT DELIVERED!

I was home at this time!

Waiting on them to *** me around! I HATE FED EX

Same thing happened to me, I was at home. Fed ex never came.

I checked online and it said that package was left on my porch. I don't have a porch. I live in a 8 apt building where u need to be buzzed in and there was no package left at my door. Also none of my neighbors have it either.

I called fed ex to complain, I was told they will get back to me if any further info is known. They never got back to me. I reported to Macy's.com and they re-sent my items but even they made me feel as I was lying. Telling me that the tracking # said it was delivered and left on porch.

Porch that doesn't exist. I myself never use fed ex. I always have problems with them. But I can't control who other companies I buy from use.

Last week I purchased from Saks.com, same thing happened. I couldn't believe it.

Fed Ex really needs to do a complete overhaul or pay their people to do a better job. As for me I only use USPS or UPS.

The exact same thing just happened to me. The driver lied and said he came to my door 3 times and there was nobody home.

I was home all 3 days and the 3rd day I chased after him but he drove off too fast. The customer service rep said that would never happen.

Well it did! :(

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