MY DAUGHTER Xmas cannot ever be replaced!!!! I was told delivery would happen prior to Xmas!!

I am SO LIVID!!!! I now cannot stand FEDEX!!! I WILL NEVER USE THERE COMPANY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should have use the Postal Service. Weather my butt just an excuse!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now hate this company and I am sorry to use the word hate but I do my daughter was ruined because of FEDEX!!!!

They didn't even tell when they should have my order!

This is inexcusable and I will be expecting a refund. I'm so mad it's Christmas this should have never happened they should have been more prepared

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States #765737

Spot on to all replies. Boo Hoo I'm angry because it's my fault I'm the dip ship but can't responsibility for my own short comings. & responses and NOBODY has ANY sympathy.


Order your presents eariler next year you dumba55.

Cigadung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia #765012

It is YOU who should be more prepared, you should have ordered a while back instead of at the last minute. The weather was bad lately.

So you really think that the employees should risk their lives just so that your spoiled little brat should get a Christmas gift. Next year order ahead instead of at last minute.

The saddest thing is this complaint is one of the most interesting ones chosen by the staff. This complaint which lacks proper spelling, grammar and ethics.


How old are you? You can't spell or use grammar correctly.

And the weather is a perfectly good excuse. But of course you wouldn't care about all the FedEx workers busting their *** out in the snow, sleet, ice, storms, and rain for YOU.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #764189

You only have yourself to blame. Should have ordered earlier. Simple as that !!!!!


Are you sure you aren't the child? Your spelling and grammar sure sound like it.

You can't tell me that the package that never arrived in time was the only gift you had for your daughter. If she is reasonable explain the situation to her, but the way you sound you have probably turned her into a spoiled brat. When you order things for a gift make sure you order about two months ahead of time. So how should FedEX have prepared in order to meet your expectations?

They had no way of knowing so many more people would be ordering things this year. AND more to the point that so many people would be dumb and wait until the last minute to order gifts.

to anonymous Udell, Iowa, United States #765013

Not only the spelling and grammar, but the OP's refusal to accept any responsibility and passing the blame also makes me wonder if she is the child. That and the word hate.

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