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Vendor was contacted via their Website to order product. Items were to be shipped out via Fedex and arrive by 11/23/11 (as per tracking number information given from website).

Items were never delivered on the 23rd. I tracked the package again the evening of the 23rd and still saw the item sitting at the local Fedex facitlity, figured that it just didn't make it on the delivery truck. I called back on the 25th (day after thanksgiving) to see if the package would be delivered on this day, fedex customer service rep called the local Fedex facility to see if package was sent out yet. Was told by Fedex Customer Service that although package was not scanned, it was already out on delivery (thought this was not right, but just went with it and was just happy to get my package).

Waited until about 6:30pm on this day and still NO DELIVERY yet??? Called back Fedex Customer Service to see if anyone was still going to be delivering my package, Fedex Customer Service Rep says that they need to contact local facility again to see if the package was sent out and of course they were already closed. Fedex Rep said that he would begin a "Trace" of the package and someone from Fedex would be in contact with me the following day. I waited until about Noon the following day and guess what?

No one from Fedex called me back, so I call back again and Fedex Rep calls back the local Fedex Facility and to find out that they cannot find the package and that it is probably lost??? Are you kidding me? Lost? And it took you this long to let me know that something is lost???

So, the Fedex Rep then tells me that Fedex will get in contact with the vendor to straighten this out and would be starting a claim. I called the vendor that I ordered the product from this morning and the vendor tells me that NO ONE from Fedex has called regarding any lost package or anything having to do with my order. I called Fedex back to find out what was going on and now they are telling me that I will need to start a claim with with Fedex or to contact the Vendor so that they can file a claim, which would take at least another 5 days for the claim to go through? What type of operation are you running Fedex?

For a company that ships thousands of packages a day, one would think that your 'claims handling" response would be much more better than this.

I will NEVER use this mickey mouse operation again and will request that ALL packages be sent UPS in the future!!! GO BROWN!!!!

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Wheeling, West Virginia, United States #706095

Fedex on North River Road Wheeling, wv is filled with liars! I sat on my porch waiting on a gift I purchased for a wedding.

I had been tracking it through email. Next morning I get an email driver delivered it. I was in a panic because he never delivered anything on my street that day!!! So I call and everyone was polite and ACTED like they were going to help.

Three days later the driver calls me at 6am (we have a baby who never sleeps) and tells me he delivered to my house and I was pretty much lying. He then dismisses me because he said he would "re-issue" my package. I tried to get him to explain to me what he meant by that. He starts yelling at me and slams down the phone.

To make a long drawn out story short I spent an entire afternoon on hold with customer service.

8 days later I notice FedEx is out front. He was going to my neighbors house to deliver a package. Her tiny puppy yipes at him and he turns around and gets in his truck. As he is about to leave he looks up at me.

He gets out of tge truck and takes my neighbors package and tosses it on her porch.

So I call wondering about my delivery since nobody ever called back. Customer service puts me in touch with the local FedEx. The lady I spoke to starts going into this long dissertation that the driver never said he would re issue my package. She was as rude as tge driver and told me it wasnt their fault and I need to call the police!!!

I told her I was there the day he said he delivered it and he never was on my street. SHE BASICALLY DID NOT CARE AND WANTED TO PROTECT THE RUDE LIAR DRIVER.

I will NEVER use them again!!!! :(

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