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So, on Monday 2/16 I placed an order that was to be shipped via Priority Overnight for delivery to a FedEx Office location the next morning by 9:30am.

There was a bit of snow, less than 2", in Memphis on Monday night, so the package was unable to be sent out that night as it should have been. Of course, they don't inform you about the delay until AFTER the package misses its deadline. I call to ask about the delay, and they claim it was due to "weather" and the guarantee they provide is invalid. They then tell me it will be sent out on the next plane to NJ which isn't until very late Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning, I check the tracking before heading out to pick the package up only to find that it didn't leave Memphis that night either, due to more "weather" in Memphis. Funny thing is, I had been checking the weather all day and Memphis did not get a single drop of precipitation that day. Even funnier thing is, my wife sent me a package Tuesday via UPS, who got 8" of snow Monday night with another 2" during the day on Tuesday, yet they managed to get the package through their KY hub and to me the very next morning ON TIME.

Finally, at 8am Wednesday morning, the package leaves Memphis (5 hours later than normal). It gets to NJ a little before 11am at their regional hub in Newark. I call and ask if they plan on taking the already day-and-a-half late package the 20 minutes to the location where I will be picking it up. The lady tells me they can't due to the delays in Memphis. Now, I don't profess to be a geography expert, but I'm pretty sure Memphis TN is nowhere near Newark NJ.

Apparently, bad weather in Memphis (which again I can't find anything about on weather websites) caused a delay with my package that is hundreds of miles away from this "storm" they claim is at fault.

Now it is Thursday at noo, and my package, that I paid $35 in shipping to get by Tuesday at 9:30am, STILL hasn't gotten to the FedEx location to be picked up. Of course, since all of these delays are caused by this "weather" they keep having in Memphis, they aren't responsible for refunding me any of the money I paid for overnight shipping. Okay FedEx, maybe the 2" of snow you got on Monday somehow caused this delay, but what about the delays on Tuesday or Wednesday or even Thursday??!

The simple fact is: once FedEx misses its guaranteed delivery time, especially if it has "weather" as an excuse, they stop caring AT ALL about when you get your package. I am appalled at how terrible this service has been and the complete *** excuse FedEx is using to justify what is now 2 1/2 days (and counting) of lateness. After seeing how quickly UPS bounced back from 10" of snow and how I incompetently FedEx handled less than 2, I know who I will be using at every opportunity in the future.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Delivery service, Being lied to.

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Milton, Vermont, United States #949363

Exact same thing for me. Said it was PICKED up tues for fri delivery.

1 hr later tracking said wed pickup n/a delivery. 2 hrs later said wed pickup Mon delivery. I paid extra shipping to be sure I had it for the weekend. It was critical that I got it.

Nope. They are still using the "storm last night" excuse.

All other couriers and delivery networks are just fine. Fedex has a major problem...incompetence.

Ocoee, Florida, United States #948075

You forget there has to be 3 ingredients to make a successful flight: 1) The plane has to be there, and it may well have been delayed in some other state with much worse storms, 2) There has to be a crew and they may be delayed commuting by air to work or flying a Fed Ex plane from some bad weather area into Memphis, and 3) They have to have Air Traffic Control permission to both *** and to fly to their destination. While none of these factors may be affected by the 2" of snow in Memphis, they certain can be a factor with regard to areas where storms really are present.


Somebody call this guy a waambulance

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