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Waiting ALL day for a package which was supposed to be delivered. No call....and no show of course. I now left the country to work in Denmark and they didn't deliver the package on time. However now Fedex says they can't ship it on to Denmark.

*** service - They haven't got a CLUE. They are rude and can't be bothered.

My advice....Don't ship with them....or you will NEVER get your packages delivered. I have called them 6 times now and have to go through a "***" automated system before I can speak to an even more *** and Incompetent "escalation" manager....who still can't actually do anything other that read what it says on their computer.

Hire people with intelligence and authority to actually solve problems - PLEASE....!

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Dallas, Texas, United States #692236

I hate calling the 1-800# for FedEx Outsourcing for the USA is the worst! The person on the other end of the call did not understand what I was talking about, and put me on hold, and then when they returned asked me to explain again why I was calling.

OMG... I hate outsourced call centers.

For God's Sake build another call center in the USA for US customers. :sigh

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