The US post office has been around longer than the republic and managed to get deliveries sent without issue long before bar codes and gas powered vehicles. Yet with all these advancements FedEx STILL can't manage to get a delivery made, let alone on time.

I had a 6 piece order due to be sent to me and, because FedEx employees found it too difficult to pick up the electronic gun and scan the bar code sticker on my box, I only got 5 of the 6 packages I was due. Furthermore, because they have *** rules that protect them from actually having to THINK, they have a 3 day minimum before you can make a complaint even though their own tracking system shows the package is still sitting on their dock. So, thanks to this do nothing excuse for a shipping company, I got to sit and look at the 5 totally useless boxes while FedEx pulled it's you know what from it's you know where - and then the best they can offer is that it'll be at my house "sometime" today? I already took a day off work to get the incomplete order they sent me two weeks ago - and now I have to *** another?

I make around $200 a day - that puts me out about $400 because some dock jockey can't properly operate up a bar-code scanner, and when asked to find my package, FedEx only proved they couldn't find their butt with both hands and a search warrant. FedEx SUCKS and I'm going with UPS from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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