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FedEx found a great way to save money: they deliver the courier to the address where they have to only once! Forget about a second and third trial, only once and if not, too bad for you, you have to go to a service point (in my case, Montreal, located just in the middle of downtown) with the result that I will have to drive their, pay the parking, lose time to pick it up and then all back home for a 3.5$ item!!!!

Tell me that when they are delivering you a courier they advise you in advance (nope!!!), telling you the time they would be there (Nope)......

FEDEX is ***!! Better is UPS, at least they try several time with a short window time to indicate when they will be back, and also they allow you to get the item without having to sign!!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I don't know how it is in Canada, but I'm a courier in the US and we have to attempt three times before the package is left at the station for the recipient to pick up. Maybe there was a misunderstanding between couriers delivering the package.

to Anonymous Montreal, Quebec, Canada #802603

Hi, thank you for you addition, but here, Fedex just came with the great idea of having only one attempt! Then, you have to go the next Business day to downtown Montréal between 8am to 7 pm.

Worst is that i am not working downtown!!!! So i will have to leave my job earlier just to get this delivery... And this this week only since my delivery will dissapear by Friday if not picked up before.

This is why i am pissed at them since i can not complaint (i do not pay them, It is the sender that does). Next time i will specify the sender of not using Fedex

San Antonio, Texas, United States #802091

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