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I shipped a parcel at a fed-ex kinko store, requesting it be billed to my fedex account. they gave me a cash register receipt for $59.00

Then Federal Express charged my credit card $102.00, almost double the amount that appeared on their own original cash register receipt.

Next i filed a dispute to my credit card company, Fed ex lost the dispute, and my credit card company awarded me a charge-back for the amount they over billed.

Next FedEx turned me over to a collection agency !

I feel fedex is now using a collection agency to force me to pay for their own fraudulent tactics (of billing my card for more than it says on the actual register receipt)

on another day, i was again in their store and overheard another customer complaining about the exact same practice, so i believe this to be widespread.

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Shipped on 7/5/18 receipt says $78.32 they billed my credit card $179.82! Of course no one can explain because it’s Sunday and no one is available on Sunday’s. That’s bs they can tie up money in my bank for made up charges.


I am having same problems, I sell wreaths on etsy, i take packages to their store in Vancouver, WA. The FedEx employees know me,miss also have a business account, the last 4 invoices I have received for shipments are all more than the receipts I get when I process the order or their employees.

I either print receipt at office myself or they do, when invoice comes they have as much as $20.00 over charged me on invoice. The state attorney general needs to investigate this company and make them pay back every last penny in over charges to all customers state wide.

FedEx received overb8.6 billion in corporate welfare and feels the need to charge us more than our receipts at time ofvtrasaction show. This is wrong.


FedEx drivers in Los Angeles County, California are not actually FedEx Employees but are really nothing more then contract drivers receiving very low pay ! Ask your FedEx driver, are you employed and paid by FedEx and do you have a FedEx employee card ?

Crazy huh !!

All FedEx drivers envy the UPS guys ! Now you know why their service is sooooooo poor !!


FedEx uses my account like a college kid . I cant ever figure out what that they are doing on my account . :upset


;) :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


We havae shipped with FedEx for several yesars when recently our bills di dnot add up to what we were quoted with their shippign software. We were billed well over $30, 000 OVER what we were quoted.

We have been in dispute with FedEx for over a year now, going back and forth and doing their work for them to resolve the issue.

No trouble with UPS on this and we have been with them for the last year, they just damage more. :( lose lose?


They have billed me more than what was charged on the receipt, too. I take my packages to the Fedex location and get a receipt.

When i check my account it is always more. (Small packges and envelopes are not subject to dimensional or other charges so that isnt what is happening here). They give me credit when i call, but this happens too often and they cannot explain what the extra charge is for. Someone needs to investigate.

Office Depot overcharges in much the same way: you pick up an item, noting the price on the shelf. When they ring it up, the scanned price is always higher.

They dont question it or let you go back to check the price, they just give you the lower price immediately. I stopped shopping there because of this scummy practice.


My girlfriend send a package from fedex that was only a few pieces of paper (a pass port)

she opend an account with them and ended up getting charged 3 times the amount that was on her receipt



FedEx did the exact same thing to me as well! I sent an envelope two days ago and they told me it was going to be $30.33.

Yesterday I received an email that said that the fee had increased to 55 dollars. I checked my account today and they have charged my account 2 times. One for 30.33 dollars and one for 55. I cannot believe that this has happened.

Don't ever send anything with FedEx. And if you absolutely must, make sure you do not open an account with them.


I guess I am not the only one being overcharged by Fedex.

I have been using fedex for the last three years to ship merchandise I sell Ebay and Amazon. I trusted fedex and never review my bill untill recently. I opened one of my statements to find charges that looks much higher than I recall seeing when processing the shipments online. So I went back and reviewed the last six months to find out that fedex has been slapping on "Declared Value" charges randomly and many "over size" charges where they did not apply. So I called fedex and had them explain the charges. The lady who I spoke with acknowledged that the charges don't apply, they were just an "error". They credit my account for the extra charges on the last 30 days of shipments, but they refused to go further back and adjust the rest, stating that this was company policy.

I was charged over $1500 of extra charges last year and fedex refused to make the adjustment. Recently, I have been calling fedex every two weeks to make adjustment since they still over charge my account, and unfortunately UPS is more expensive. This is very inconvenient.

watch your fedex invoices.


I've been shipping with FedEx for years. When they get the rates right, the prices are good so that's why we use them for smaller shipments for our business.

When I had an account with them I would have to check every statement. Inevitably, every shipment was over-charged.

I now only ship by taking it to a shipment center and paying for it at that time, making sure that the charge matched the quote I got online. I find Fedex an unethical company that will overcharge whenever possible.


Same thing happened to me today. The register bill says $25 but my account is charged $44.

I called and the lady on the phone said my package (which is just passport) weighed 1 lb. I went back to the kinko and weighed since I already had my passport back. It weighed less than .25 lb. I called them back again.

This time they said there is fuel surcharge ($2) and then signature fee ($5). I said it still did not add up even if I pay signature fee twice. Then the lady on the line went away for a few minutes and came back and said she would credit my account for $18. Just now I checked my account, they have not done so.

I hope they will. When I went back to the kinko and spoke with the clerk there she was rude and uncooperative, probably she is fed up with customers coming back to complain too frequently about over charge claims.

Her reaction immediately changed for worse when I mentioned overcharge on my account. She is too familiar with that, I suppose.

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