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FedEx is such a garbage company. I swear to God only the brightest All Stars work for that company. I ordered items on Amazon Prime following the big shipping debacle of 2013. Normally my Prime orders ship USPS or UPS and show up in 2 days or in some crazy cases, 1 day. With Fedex, it's always some excuse or some delivery person acting like they are retarded (slow, not high functioning mentally).

Sewickley is outside of Pittsburgh and only about 45 minutes away from my address. Unfortunately that is where my local Fedex center is. On Saturday not only was there no snow or ice on the ground, but it was so warm that it was raining. I was expecting my package to arrive so I stayed around the house Saturday. I went on Amazon and checked my package tracking. It said that my package was loaded on the truck in the morning and returned to the center in the afternoon. The reason was weather. What a joke. Just admit that your driver was a lazy *** who didn't feel like coming out my way. I was supposed to have the package Saturday. It's now Monday. Nothing. The website now says that I should expect my package tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath. So my 2 day shipping turned into 4 day shipping due to Fedex sucking massive dong. My package apparently is still just chilling in Sewickley today for no good reason. 2 days late. Because Fedex sucks.

I bet my delivery guy will be driving an unmarked truck or one from a rental place like always. I guess fedex is too poor to give their drivers real trucks. What a home of a company.

Look at this chain of events:

- 12/28/2013 - Saturday

2:01 pm

Delivery exception


Local weather delay - Delivery not attempted

8:27 am

On FedEx vehicle for delivery


7:16 am

At local FedEx facility


3:08 am

Departed FedEx location


2:02 am

Arrived at FedEx location


- 12/27/2013 - Friday

9:47 pm

Left FedEx origin facility


7:50 pm

Arrived at FedEx location


6:24 pm

Shipment information sent to FedEx

6:22 pm

Picked up


Select time zone

On another date earlier this year, I ordered vertical blinds. The item was supposed to show up on a Thursday. FedEx made a surprise delivery on Wednesday. They did not bother to knock or ring a doorbell and were creeping around the neighborhood in a Budget rental car moving van. I was home. They "smartly" placed my vertical blinds directly in front of my garage door on the ground. Keep in mind that I have 2 covered porches which are easily accessible (UPS and USPS guys find them every time). So, without knowing that a delivery was made and without being notified, I come rolling out of my garage to go to work and felt my front tires hitting something. Well, it was the blinds. Bent.

Luckily blinds.com replaced and shipped new ones for free. They even agreed with me that FedEx is a company run by retards, but that they had no choice but to use them. Apparently word got down the chain of their colossal joke of a "delivery" and the blinds were on my covered front porch unharmed where they should have been 6 weeks prior.

So, with these 2 jokes of delivery service this year and the videos of their drivers tossing packages online, I am convinced now more than ever that FedEx is horrible and delivery by a horse drawn carriage or sled dogs would be more efficient and trustworthy than them.

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Weather delays may not have obvious sources.If it is raining at your home and near the hub there is 3ft of snow FedEx will not be delivering.

Even a downed tree could be a reason that the only reasonable route is blocked.


Sorry about 1041590.It was for another post.


Looks like another customers package was leaking in transit and your package might have been caught in the belt. Somebody must have let it slip past without correction by mistake.


You are so funny!


I ship regularly to Puerto Rico, Sometimes 2000 to 3000 lbs at a crack International Priority for delivery the next day.They usually do a pretty good job, But in the event I track and see a problem, I pull up the 24 hour weather for Chicago,Memphis and San Juan.

Once they pull the "WEATHER' excuse, I ask them where I can e-mail the weather reports.

They will not bill me for any charges once I prove that there was no bad weather.Sure it *** them off, But soon my shipments will be the first on the plane as they obviously do not like to give your money back.


Only ever had a bad experience with FedEx, not sure why they're still in business.They take hours to update their tracking information.

I ordered an item that was supposed to be picked up Friday. The tracking showed they got the information and a label was created at 5am, then no more updates the whole day. I called FedEx and they tell me the shipper hasn't dropped it off then. I contact the shipper and he says it was picked up.

Finally, at 2am on Saturday it showed as being picked up on their website. The package was in New Brunswick, NJ, an hour away from me. FedEx decides to ship it to another state, Allentown, PA, 1.5 hours in the opposite direction. The estimated delivery was Wednesday.

Then 2 days later, they update saying it is in Edison, NJ, 10 minutes away from where it was dropped off. On top of that, they delayed the shipment to Thursday. What kind of a joke of a company is this? Why does it take them about a week to ship a package to a location an hour away?

What kind of logistics has them driving the package in the opposite direction, storing it for 2 days, and then shipping it back near the original location and delaying the shipment.

What a horrible company, always had a horrible experience with them.Why do people still use them?

Lisbon, Ohio, United States #955011

they just did the same thing to me today, Friday . package on truck for delivery, nice day outside no snow on the roads....because the package is over 50 lbs the driver just didn't want to deliver it alone and took it back to the hub . now my package is sitting on the truck all weekend until Monday and I have to wait another day home from work waiting and hoping that my package is delivered .


Shut your *** complaining *** up.Trust me Fedex cld care less about ur blog or sob story.

Eat a ***-- tk your crying *** to DHL or UPS. Trust FedEx is not missing your money or your complaining *** so beat it. Fckn 1 Percenter's kill me. U think Fedex cares bout u compared to the millions of pckgs delivered correctly?

*** no!

Ur blog is meaningless not to mention is wasting domain space.Get a life...

Mckeesport, Pennsylvania, United States #954409

Actually fedex ground and home delivery only require that their temp drivers operate rental vehicles from budget uhaul or enterprise to keep the cost down when the drivers arent needed anymore thru the year they wont have company vans just sitting around. All the other trucks marked fedex are actually owned and operated buy the route owner or his/her employee. None of us drivers actually worked directly for fedex between ground and home delivery due to union issues

to Gav #954673

Tht is not entirety true.It varies by state and statute.

Some states run under ISP models and some don't. Most ppl dnt even know FedEx is a franchise and they only use rental trucks wen volume is greater than normal or a truck is dwn.

Supplemental drivers are used but r kept as permanentl pt employees with the exception of peak season in which volume is detrimentally higher than normal.The use of rental trucks has nothing to do with employee turn over only volume.

High Falls, New York, United States #936301

Same *** happened to me.Supposed to get my package on Saturday, but it snowed the night before.

So they put my package in the van, and at 3 o'clock I get a notification saying it was delayed due to inclement weather. Really? 2 inches of snow the night before is inclement weather? Now it's delayed till Tuesday, but we're supposed to get a really bad nor'easter starting Monday.

So I am pretty sure I won't be getting this package until Wednesday.I sure love FedEx.

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