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I ordered an item online on October 11th.My item shipped from seller on October 12th and was shipped Fedex.

I paid for the product. I have tracked my package and it's on "clearance delay" in Memphis, TN. My expected delivery date was October 18th. It is now October 19th and my item is still on "clearance delay".

When I called Fedex, I was transferred 3 times and was finally told that my order had been part of a large shipment that was being "looked through" and would be released within 5 days. I am still waiting and my order is still in delay!!! My item is needed by October 27th.

I think Fedex should pay for my item if they can't get it to me by the time I need it!!This is ridiculous!!

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Sounds like an international customs clearance issue.No shipping company can get around it.

Blame your government not your shipper.OR, buy domestically and not have the hassle.


It's not just a FedEx problem.. my package is currently sitting in the UPS warehouse in Louisville KY waiting on FDA clearance.


Yea same here FedEx sucks hopebto never use them again. Its total ***

to Anonymous #1059497

you are an ***.Its a government regulation.

Not a fedex problem not a ups problem.

Its the goverment making sure weird *** doesn't make its way to the us.You people are really dumb.

Collierville, Tennessee, United States #874188

You shouldn't blame FedEx, the international laws for imports are what's holding up your shipments.People forget that it's a privilege, not a right, to get your shipment imported without a government agency holding it for review.

I don't work for FedEx, but I work in the industry.

I think that if you took more time to read up on import laws you would be a little more understanding that FedEx has absolutely no control over what a government agency does.You also need to remember that these laws and practices are in place to help protect us and keep us safe.

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #968752

I disagree.My company shipped with UPS for years and we never had any problems.

Switch to FedEx and half our shipments over the last couple of years have gone in to clearance delays for absolutely no reason at all. They claim there is no commercial invoice when there are several copies of signed commercial invoice on company letter head. We actually started putting the invoices in several locations on the outside of the package clearly marked in bright red letters COMMERCIAL INVOICE. Didn't make a difference.

Yes there are international laws that ultimately are the ones who put the hold on, but its the job of the FedEx customs broker to work with the government agencies.And that is where FedEx fails!

to anyone but fedex Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana #1231146

So right , Fedex should work with the customs for a better services.


My bifocals were supposed to be delivered today Friday the 19th.My shipment is delayed with those others who are hung up by the FDA or customs in Memphis.

Now the FDA is meddling in our right of free commerce. This govt is most certainly fouled up. Aliens running rampant in every county and city, and my glasses from Canada are being scrutinized.

How dumb is this!!Ann in Carson....NV

to Ann Brooklyn, New York, United States #945079

I have sunglasses being held up as well and I have a trade show in 2 days..a $2,000 investment will be lost as well as countless opportunities..I couldn't be more angry about this

to Anonymous #1075889

Never again ship through FedEx .. Worst shipping company and worst customer service...

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